17 Texas Coffee Shops to Warm You Up

By chet | January 18, 2019

So maybe Texas can’t make up its mind about whether it’s hot or cold, but when those chilly days do hit, we’ve got 17 shops to help you stay nice and cozy. No matter if you’re a coffee purist, a latte lover, a sugar fiend or you want some alcohol with your caffeine, there’s something on this list for everyone.

It’s All About the Roast

Coffee purists, rejoice! If the words “venti-soy-mocha-caramel cappuccino with extra whip” make your head spin and the thought of adding sugary creamers to your coffee is giving you a stomach ache, then you need to try these simple shops with a focus on the process, not just the cup.

At Amarillo’s Evocation Coffee, the mantra is “Coffee is art” with a menu focused on pour-over brews that feature the micro-roastery’s smooth signature coffees. Each cup is brewed individually and is so naturally sweet, no additions are needed.

In Waco, Common Grounds features a “Slow Bar” where rotated weekly brews are made with the brewing methods that best bring out the flavors of the roast, because coffee snobs know that a truly great cup of joe is worth the wait.

And if the art of coffee is truly in the process, then Siphon Coffee in Houston might just be on to something. Named for its extremely rare brewing method, each cup of “Siphon” coffee is made in a science-experiment-esque process as what looks like a beaker is placed over a bulb-like halogen burner to pull out certain notes in the beans.

Don’t Forget the Classics…

For a roast that always hits the spot, try the Fort Worth’s AVOCA Coffee, San Antonio’s local favorite Merit Coffee or the Austin-born Summer Moon Wood Fired Coffee (and don’t forget a “Moon Milk”). And for classic roast with a twist, try what’s probably one of the most recognized coffee roasters in Texas, Cuvee Coffee, Spicewood’s roastery that’s always putting out something new and delicious.

Learn the Art of Coffee

Photo Courtesy of Greater Goods Roasters

If it’s not enough to just taste a great cup of coffee, you want to master making it like a pro on your own, then head to Greater Goods Roasters in Austin. Not only are they coffee-roasting artists who donate to local charities with each bag of coffee they sell, but they’ll help you step up your coffee skills with a variety of classes from Brewing Methods to Latte Art.

And if you want to be the envy of your caffeinated cohorts, Dallas’s Noble Coyote hosts monthly tasting and cupping classes at their Roastery.

Latte Artists!

Houston’s Southside Espresso has made national news for its inventive latte art. Venturing past the usual swans and hearts, this coffee shop takes requests from customers to create some of the most intricate art works using just steamed milk.


Sip Stir Coffee House in Dallas takes the latte art one step further, using chocolate syrup to add detailing to their milky creations. Try a creamy S’mores Latte for a treat that’s both beautiful and delightful!


Alright, so this one’s less of a coffee shop and more of a bakery, BUT Fluff Meringues & More serves up creamy hot cocoa and warm lattes topped with massive homemade marshmallow cubes. Honestly, how can you say no to that?

Brews & Beer


Because there are those times when you want a good cup of coffee or a nice craft beer, the Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing Co. in Cedar Park has made all our dreams come true. Not only do they craft a wide selection of beers in-house, they also roast their own coffee beans — and both are great. If you’re having trouble deciding between brew or beer, split the difference with a Specialty Coffee Stout.


BREWED in Fort Worth is called “The Locals’ Living Room” because it’s got a little bit of everything you need to relax. Especially really, really great coffee and Texas beers on tap. Mix it up with a cowboy coffee (a glorious concoction of coffee and whiskey), or go for the cold brew, served with the creaminess of a beer on tap and the sweet, smooth flavor of an excellent roast.

Try Something NEW!

Coffee Box in El Paso is worth visiting just for the fact that it’s in a cool shipping container, and serves great coffee and giant cinnamon rolls. But they’ve got a peculiar latte that’s worth mentioning: the Activated Charcoal Latte made from char-coaled coconut shells. Whether you’d be brave enough to try it or not, you gotta admit it surely is an interesting sight.

Photo Courtesy of Black Sugar Caffe

Ever drank coffee and thought it could be a whole lot sweeter? Than head to Black Sugar Caffe in Cedar Park for the Puff Cloud Coffee where they literally put cotton candy on top of your unsweetened latte and let it melt in to sweeten the coffee.

McAllen’s Reserva Coffee roasts up coffee beans that stand on their own, but what truly sets them apart is how they use their expertly crafted coffee to create new drink combinations, like Coffee Lemonade (cold brew, tonic water, lemon juice and simple syrup) or a Wildflower Honey Latte.

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