12 INSANE Ice Cream Treats in Texas

By chet | June 1, 2018

The first few days of summer are upon us, which means it’s about to get real scorching hot — and you’ll be in dire need of a way to cool off. True, a simple scoop of ice cream is nice and all, but while others are “screaming for ice cream” (which is so cliche), your mouth will be so full of these 12 glorious, over-the-top creations, you won’t be able to make a peep. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.


Lumi Snow Company– Fort Worth

Some days the only way to beat the Texas heat is with actual snow. These edible masterpieces from Lumi Snow are both stunning and sinfully sweet. Made up of flavored “snow,” a creation with the creaminess of ice cream and the powdery fluffiness of snow, these mounds are then piled with goodies ranging from popcorn and Oreos to marshmallows and cotton candy.


Milk N Cream – Dallas

Just one bite into these ice cream-stuffed donuts, and you’ll be convinced that this is how all ice cream should be served. A warm donut (plain or glazed) is sliced in half and stuffed full of fun ice cream flavors like bright blue-hued Cookie Monster or lilac Lavender, forming a colorful, ooey, gooey mess that’s somehow both warm and ice cold. Take it one step further and coat your sandwich with Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or cookies.


SMOOSH Cookies – Houston

This food truck in Houston is taking the city by storm by up-cycling classic cookies and milk into spectacular ice cream cookie sandwiches. Your choice of ice cream is squished between two freshly baked cookies and sprinkled with candy, bacon, strawberry jam or whatever combo tickles your fancy. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can also get cookie splits or sundaes, and on Fridays, you can get a CHURRO ice cream sandwich. ‘Nuff said.


Kuma – San Antonio

The folks at Kuma are bringing a little taste of Asian culture to Texas! Based off the Hong Kong street food “gai daan jai” (Hong Kong egg waffles), these over-the-top stacked cones look just as amazing as they taste. Choose between Asian-inspired ice cream flavors like matcha and lychee as well as classics like cookies and cream and unicorn-rainbow vanilla to be layered on top of the freshly made billowing egg waffles and stacked with all sorts of toppings like fresh strawberries, toasted marshmallows and Oreos for an out-of-this-world, Instagram-ready dessert!


Cow Tipping Creamery – Austin & Dallas

Why settle for just a regular old sundae when you can get a “Stacker?” The dessert from Cow Tipping Creamery is as magnificent as you’d imagine something called a “stacker” to be, and is literally named after the ridiculous amount of goodies layered throughout and piled on top of the ice cream. With each bite, you’re sure to get a mouthful of sweet indulgence.


Magnolias Ice Cream and More – Houston

That humidity getting to you? Head to Magnolias Ice Cream and More for colorful icy creations with a spicy kick that will soothe on even the hottest summer day. If you’re craving a fruity treat, then the Chamoy Specialities — homemade sherbet piled with fresh fruit, mounds of candy and spicy Chamoy — are exactly what you need. You can also get a Raspa, which is a snow cone with a mangled mound of gummy candies, fruit and whipped cream on top.


Boozy’s Creamery + Craft   – San Antonio

There’s nothing like a cold beer after a long day — but have you ever considered kicking back with a scoop of boozy ice cream instead? This ice cream shop in San Antonio serves up alcohol-infused scoops like Bourbon Vanilla and White Russian ice cream. You can even get alcoholic milkshakes! The shop also serves up non-alcoholic “friendly flavors” like Glazed Donut and Cereal Milk so there’s something for everyone!


Kamalan Bakery – Houston

The only fishy thing about this ice cream is the shape of the cone. Kamalan Bakery serves up taiyaki ice cream which is a modern twist on the traditional Japanese cuisine. Typically these fish-shaped cakes are stuffed with red bean paste, but at this Houston bakery you can get yours filled with frozen custard. Each cone comes with a smile and is topped with whipped cream, Pocky sticks and marshmallows.


Sablon Chocolate Lounge – Dallas

Magnificent, chocolaty creations abound at this Dallas dessert lounge. And while just the name of the restaurant is enough to make anyone rush there as quickly as possible (because who doesn’t want to explore a “chocolate lounge”?), the Hazelnut Frappistas are what dreams are made of. This blended coffee drink comes in a Mason jar and is dripping with chocolate and topped with a DONUT. As if that weren’t enough indulgence to keep us in a choco-coma for the rest of our days, Sablon also offers “Grand Chocoshakes” stacked with an insane amount of goodies like brownies, cookies and candies!


Taco Sweets – Austin

Austin is quite famous for its taco stands, but this taco shop swaps out shells for waffle cones, meat for ice cream and salsa for chocolate sauce — and the result is a sweet treat that every Texan deserves. Choose between a chocolate or vanilla “taco” shell then choose your ice cream filling and top it with all the fixin’s like fruit loops, Reese’s, marshmallows or Oreos. And just like each taco needs a little guac and queso, don’t forget to douse yours in Nutella, Caramel or chocolate sauce.


Lick Honest Ice Creams – Austin & San Antonio

One of the latest ice cream trends sweeping the nation is savory ice cream flavors…yes, you read that right: savory. Luckily, you don’t have to travel all the way to New York to try it… this Austin-based shop is home to some of the best savory flavors around. Tip toe into this tasty new territory by trying the subtly savory Goat Cheese, Thyme & Honey (a local fave) or take a leap head first with the refreshing Cilantro Lime or Roasted Beets & Fresh Mint (Photos by Annie Ray/Lick Honest Ice Creams).


Sweet Ritual Ice Cream – Austin

And for all you dairy-free-folks out there, don’t worry — I haven’t forgotten about you! This Austin ice cream shop is bringing back the soft serve of the good old days with a modern twist…it’s all dairy-free. Now all you lactose-lovers out there, don’t turn your nose up at this. With flavors like Salted Caramel and Coffee made from local ingredients and the option to dose your entire sundae in edible glitter (yes, please!), you won’t even miss the milk.

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