100th Episode Fan Design T-Shirt Contest

By chet | April 2, 2018

Calling all artists, designers and just flat-out creative trippers…we are hosting a Fan Design T-Shirt Contest to celebrate our upcoming 100th Episode!

Have you ever had a really great idea for a Daytripper shirt? Do you just love the show and Texas and want to create an EPIC design??

Well, here’s your chance!

Create a T-Shirt design that somehow connects to The Daytripper or Texas (whether that’s Chet riding a dinosaur, something that ties our episodes together, just a bunch of tacos forming the shape of Texas or whatever!) and email your awesome creation to fandesign@thedaytripper.com. The deadline is midnight on April 15.

We will pick our favorite here in the office and the winning T-Shirt design will be printed and sold to celebrate our 100th episode.  We will notify the winner by the end of the week of April 15.

We can’t wait to see what Texified creations you come up with!

LEGAL STUFF – By submitting a design, you’re allowing us to print it and waiving your ownership rights in the design.  You’re also warranting that the design is your independent creation and doesn’t copy or steal protectable elements from any other designs.  If we choose to print your design we will notify you with specific details.  However, any similarity your design has to present or pending designs we’re working on is purely coincidental.  Feel free to email us if you have specific questions.

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