Here’s Where to Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in Texas…

By chet | March 14, 2018

You already know where to trip this St. Patrick’s Day to see some of the most Irish places in Texas, but here’s a list of authentic Irish pubs  — or as close as we can get here in Texas — to truly celebrate St. Paddy’s Day, as the Irish call it.

Here’s a little Irish History…

Before you grab your green beer and nosh on fish and chips, here’s a little history. St. Patrick’s Day started as a religious celebration honoring Saint Patrick on the day of his death sometime in 400 AD. The patron saint of Ireland is credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland and, in many legends, driving out all the snakes. Legend holds that he also used the famed three-leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity. Overtime, this religious feast has transformed into a full-blown celebration across the globe!

The Dubliner Facebook

The Dubliner – Dallas

Dallas’s oldest pub, which opened in 1994, was, in fact, started by a Dubliner (hence the name…) The narrow buildling with its worn dark wood looks like something you’d find on the streets of an old Irish town, not in the middle of a bustling Dallas street. Step inside the no-frills watering hole for a pint and some great conversation.

Trinity Hall – Dallas

Trinity Hall is a classy pub serving up more than just beer and whiskey. You’ll also find a great selection of authentic Irish dishes, including Irish stew and corned beef with cabbage You can even try Yorkshire pudding!

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Irish Pub Kenneally’s – Houston

The order of choice at this classic Houston pub is surprisingly its thin crust pizza. I know it’s not something you’d expect at an Irish joint, but the locals swear by it…and they do offer a Shamrock Pizza that comes topped with corned beef. Besides their to-die-for pizza, Kenneally’s always has Irish beers on tap and the whiskey list is extensive. This year marks the 36th year of their “Under the Tent” St. Patrick’s Day bash!

Griff’s – Houston

If you’re in Downtown Houston, you’ve gotta join “Griff’s Army” for the party. It’s the oldest surviving sports bar in Houston, but it’s also the place to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. The festival, which has been ongoing since March 2, includes a cornhole tournament, a caravan to Houston’s massive St. Patrick’s Day Parade and an Irish Dish Cook-Off.

Pimlico – Houston

Don’t be surprised if you meet a true Irishman at this Houston newcomer, because Pimlico prides itself on doing a proper Guinness pour (it’s a real thing y’all, I promise…) And if you were hoping for a green beer on March 17, than look no further — Pimlico is throwing an Irish-Texan St. Patrick’s Day Party! They’ll be hosting events all week long AND serving up some mighty fine barbecue — the best of both worlds!

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B.D. Riley’s Irish Pub – Austin

B.D. Riley’s might be located in Texas, but both locations were built in Ireland and shipped to Austin. No matter if you’re at the 6th Street or Aldrich Street pub, you’ll recognize their true dedication to serving the best beers Ireland and Austin have to offer — including the proper Guinness pour — and cooking delicious Irish dishes. But if you’re looking for a party, head to the 6th St. location on March 17 for a celebration including longer hours, Irish Breakfast served all day, and live Celtic and Irish music.

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