Lockhart, TX

Lockhart is the officially the “Barbecue Capital of Texas.”  Need we say more?There is a challenge in Texas that few brave souls attempt, but for those willing to accept this meaty mission, it carries BBQ street credibility unlike anything else.  It is the Lockhart BB-Q challenge.  The rules are simple – Eat at all 4 BBQ joints in Lockhart in one day.  Good luck – and bring your antacid.

The 4 joints (in alphabetical order) are Blacks Barbecue, Chisholm Trail BBQKreuz Market, and Smitty’s Market.  Each is unique in its own smoky way.  I recommend them all.

If you need a break between BBQ binges, check out Lockhart State Park and enjoy its 9-hole golf course or take a hike along Clear Fork Creek.  For history buffs that want to stay in the middle of town, tour the historic Caldwell County Courthouse or the Caldwell County Museum sitting inside of the old jail.