Water Like Glass

By chet | February 9, 2011

A couple weeks back I was in College Station and my brother-in-law and I went out to Lake Bryan to snap some photos as the sun went down. Sunsets anywhere in Texas can be pretty exquisite, but this one was spectacular. And everything on the lake paused just to take it in….even the water.

Lake Bryan

Never in my life have I seen water this still, and I’m not sure I ever will again. I’ve woken up at the crack of dawn to go water skiing, and I’ve been on lakes in the dead of night, but it’s never been like this. There was not a hint of breeze in the air and not a single ripple on the entire lake. At first our attention focused on the setting sun and the colors that it cast across the sky. However, it wasn’t long before we noticed that the reflection in the water was just a clear as the sunset in the sky. We hadn’t realized it at first, but at that moment Lake Bryan was frozen. Or at least it looked that way.

Every puff of cloud and every faint hue of color was perfectly reflected in the water. If you turned your head sideways, it was impossible to tell which was real. It was pretty special. My wife would have been much more fun to embrace in the setting sun than my brother-in-law was. But Oh Well, nothing on earth is completely perfect, but this was pretty darn close. I just wanted to share. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Chet at Lake BryanYou can’t find these moments. You can only be outside and hope that they find you. Vaya Con Dios Amigos.

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