Walking in a Santa’s Wonderland

By chet | December 15, 2017

In Texas, we go BIG for just about everything.  This includes Christmas.  And almost nobody in the state has been going bigger for longer than Santa’s Wonderland in College Station.  It’s Christmas insanity that’s drank way too much hot cocoa and overdosed on candy cane dust.   And they’ve been lighting up the Texas skies for 20 years now.  Each year it only gets bigger, so the Garner Gang had to trip down to College Station to check it out. Here are some pics.

Gone are the days of a drive-through park that takes 5 hours to get into.  It is now a pedestrian experience with all sort of stuff going on in every corner.  Santa is there.  It snows every hour.  And this was the stage with rocking live music and a giant, cozy fire pit.

Visitors pay a fee upon entrance (which truthfully isn’t cheap).  BUT once inside, many of the things you would normally pay for are FREE!  Totally FREE!  Like bull riding.  Yes, all 4 of my kids gave it a shot.  Even the 2 year old.  There are also giant inflatable slides, a train ride, and Christmas movies on the barn.  So the ticket price is worth it.

Bull Riding for free (with ticket).  On a demonic bull evidently.

So I hope you’re finding lots of excuses to go tripping this Holiday Season.  From the Garner Gang – Merry Christmas!  See y’all on the snowy road.

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