The Crew’s 2017 Travel Bucket List

By chet | January 5, 2017

As we start out the New Year at The Daytripper Headquarters, we are super excited about traveling across Texas to make new episodes and explore exciting new cities. But we’ve also made a list with a few travel ambitions of our own for 2017. The crew has spoken and from right here in Texas to far across the sea, here are some of the places we each hope to explore this year!

Chet – “I want to visit the Rock Art in the Lower Pecos River Valley. It’s some of the best rock art in the country!” (You’ll find these paintings dating back thousands of years at the junction of the Pecos River and Rio Grande in Southwest Texas.)

Tosha – “My family wants to travel to Yellowstone National Park to see the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21.” (Fun fact: The last total eclipse visible from the United States was in 1979, and you’ll only be able to see the whole eclipse from certain states. Check out this map to find the best spots to watch it!)

Daniel – “I’d love to take my wife to Ireland so we can explore our Irish roots.”

Linsey – “I want to spend a weekend in Comfort, TX. The main street has been upcycled to form this really vibrant little town where you’ll find an old gas station that’s now a pizza parlor and the 130-year-old Hotel Faust is still running. It’s kind of a cool mixture of Gruene and Fredericksburg.” 

Richie – “I’d love to travel to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. I want to see Neil Armstrong’s moon walker suit, I wanna see Apollo capsules and I wanna see an SR-71 Blackbird.”

Karey – “My wife and I want to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico. That seems like a really pretty place!”

Todd – “I want to go to Lufkin. We have filmed an episode there and I’d love to go back and get lost in the East Texas Pines. Find a quiet B&B and enjoy some down time, good food and beautiful wooded scenery.”

We encourage you to create your own 2017 Travel Bucket List to help you keep on trippin’ to new places! And stay tuned for an upcoming podcast with Chet, Todd and Texas Monthly‘s Jordan Breal for more places that are Bucket List worthy in Texas!

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