The Blessing of the Vines

By chet | April 29, 2016

This past weekend, the Daytripper crew did a little wine-trippin’ in Grapevine at the Blessing of the Vines event. We had so much fun celebrating this year’s “awakening of the vines” with the fellow wine-loving Texans who gathered at the Delaney Vineyards on Saturday. The morning started off with a little meeting, greeting and eating. We loved meeting the awesome daytrippin’ fans that showed up to the event. We even drank a glass of wine with Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and his wife, Ariadne. They traveled all the way from Mt. Olympus to join the Grapevine festivities!


As the crowds gathered, it was time for the procession of distinguished guests to walk through the still-budding vineyard. The parade of people was led by the 12-piece mariachi band. Following them was the American flag and members of the Grapevine Knights of Columbus.

Mariachi_edit Knights of Colombus

This giant cluster of grapes followed after them in the procession to represent the bounty of the grapes we are asking for this season.


Dignitaries carried flags (who better to carry the Texas flag than Chet?) and the rest of the guests were invited to join the procession as they made their way through the rows of the vineyard.Chet_Flag_Edit


The crowd gathered in the middle of the vineyard and Father Ken Robinson of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Muenster began the blessing that dates back to Europe with the rise of Christianity. This blessing, which asks God’s grace on the vines and fruit of the vineyards, has remained the same for the past 400 years.  He also prayed for the health of the workers.


He read from Genesis 1:29 and asked God to give an abundant harvest. He gave thanks for the bounty of the past, and asked God for it to continue this season. It was amazing to see this blessing knowing that for centuries people have gathered just like we did on Saturday to ask for God’s hand and blessing in the bounty of the harvest.


After he blessed the budding vines, the procession continued to the other side of the vineyard for more music from the mariachi band, wine tastings and more celebration. And even Miss Grapevine, a truck with a tiara, made an appearance.

Miss Grapevine in all her glory.

Miss Grapevine in all her glory.


Pictured here is the cross carried during the processional along with wines from the various vineyards in Grapevine.


So cheers, Grapevine, to a wonderful day! It was an awesome experience getting to be involved in a centuries-old celebration.  And this is one tradition that truly does get better with age.





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