83 Did Chet Swim With a Shark? / July 2022

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Is it safe to go in the water? We’re Talkin’ Texas on the Daytripper Podcast with Chet Garner and Daniel Mecey. Did a zoo in Amarillo spot a chupacabra? Is there a new deer species in Texas? We all love that famous Dairy Queen jingle…is the new version the best one?

Featured musical artist: Josh Abbott Band – Settle Me Down https://www.joshabbottband.com

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And, as always we got some love, hate and just all-around weird letters from folks across the country.

We also answer the listener questions: Have you thought about doing an episode on Texas Independence? What is your favorite chicken fried steak? What ever happened to Sam Houston’s Bible?

We love your questions or feedback on the show…so if you have comments or questions you’d like us to address or topics you’d like us to feature, email us at: podcast@thedaytripper.com

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