New Season 8 Episodes Are Here!!

By chet | February 2, 2017

ARE YOU READY FOR NEW EPISODES?? We’ve been traveling around TEXAS to some pretty epic towns and you won’t believe what we’ve discovered: the hidden graves of Texas heroes, dinosaurs, mysterious giant balloons and secret waterfalls! Starting this week, we’ll be airing 3 NEW EPISODES that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to check your local PBS Station for premiere dates and times.



We head downtown in this history-filled town to “remember the Alamo” and visit the hidden graves of some of Texas’s greatest heroes at a grand cathedral. We shop at a giant color-filled fiesta, cruise the famous river and trade our deer horns for a beer at the local bar. Of course, throughout the day, we gorge ourselves on some of the best Mexican food in Texas and enjoy a night cap of mango ice cream at a historic hotel bar. Click here to watch the promo!


It may not be the Palestine in the Middle East, but we find all sorts of adventures in this East Texas town. We head to the town’s old high school for a history lesson, discover a hidden waterfall in the park and investigate giant weather balloons at a NASA facility. We make a pig of ourselves at the local hot spot, and then hunt for actual hogs in the dark. Click here to watch the promo!


Trippin’ through time doesn’t take quite as long as you’d expect — it took us about 2 hours to travel to prehistoric times. In Glen Rose, we walk in the giant shadows of (fake) dinosaurs at an amusement park, in the footprints of real dinos at Dinosaur Valley State Park and mingle with modern beasts on a safari. We trip to the beginning of time at a museum where we find some interesting fossils and end our day with a reenactment of “the greatest story ever told”.

Click here to watch the behind the scenes videos!

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