11 Gifts for your DadTripper

By chet | June 12, 2017

Here at The Daytripper, we love DADS and understand that they are essential to trippin’ the great state of Texas. We wouldn’t be here, ourselves, if it weren’t for all the cheesey jokes, road trips, and constant support from our own fathers. So we’ve rounded up some of the greatest Texified gifts for Dad that we could find in the Daytripper General Store. It’s time to show the Dadtripper in your life how much you love him — corny jokes and all!

AND to make it a little easier for you, ALL DAYTRIPPER-BRANDED ITEMS are 20% OFF until Tuesday, June 13 at noon. Just use the Promo Code: DADTRIPPER at checkout! **DISCLAIMER: We CAN’T guarantee that your gift will make it in time for Father’s Day, but we CAN guarantee that your dad will be happy with his gift, so shop on!

These Gifts For His Favorite Drink

If Dad’s favorite thing to do after a long day is recline with a cold beer, then he’ll love the Daytripper Koozie and Stainless Steel Pint Cup! With the pint cup and koozie, his drink will stay colder longer on those blazing hot days and every one will know that he’s a Tripper too! And you can get these 20% off with the code: DADTRIPPER.

This Book Chock Full of Dad Facts

Is your dad the kind of guy who must stop and read every historical sign, building and marker along the way? Does he have random but interesting facts about every town, site and city? Then this is the perfect trippin’ guide for him. History along the Way goes deep into the stories of more than 100 roadside historical markers, so he’ll be able to stock his supply of dad facts.

These Nalgene Bottles Perfect for Barbecuing or Exploring

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated, and that goes for dad, too! Whether he’s sweating by the smoker filled with brisket or exploring one of the beautiful state parks in Texas, this Daytripper Water Bottle will keep him and his water nice and cool. So head on over to the store and getcha one with the discount code: DADTRIPPER.

This Perfect DadTripper Road Snack

Whether dad’s hitting the road with you and the family for a trip across Texas or traveling for work, he deserves a snack that’s just as awesome as he is! So buy him a few packs of Whittington’s Jerky — which is slow-smoked, all natural and very flavorful, and has been around for over 50 years! In our store, we’ve got Hot and Original Beef, as well as traditional Turkey.


Dads love hats — it’s been scientifically proven (not really) so buy one of these AWESOME Daytripper Hats for your Dadtripper! We’ve got Daytripper logo hats in brown and navy and a Texas flag hat over at the store, so check ’em out and use the code: DADTRIPPER to get the hat 20% OFF!

  This Book About his Favorite Parks

If your Dadtripper has climbed every rock, swam in every river and hiked every trail of Texas’s great State Parks, then give him this book where he can take his outdoor love one step further, and learn the history behind each of these parks and how many of them got their starts.

These Dad-Joke Journals

If Dad’s chockful of corny dad jokes, then help him keep up with all his funnies in one of these Daytripper Journals. These Leeman New York Tuscany writing journals feature a soft faux leather, so dad will feel like a real Indiana Jones whether he’s tripping Texas, jotting down his ideas for the next trip or just gathering all his best dad jokes in one epic notebook! And best of all? It’s 20% off with the code DADTRIPPER.


This Manly Gift for his Beard

Perhaps the way to Dad’s heart is actually through his beard. Then show that you care both about him and his facial hair with Skinny’s Beard Balm. With a smooth face and a perfectly sculpted beard, your Dadtripper will be both happy and in style!

This Magical Manly Shirt

The Jackalope is basically the Dad-version of the Unicorn. If he’s a true believer in the ever-illusive mystical, magical Texas creature then help him show it off with this one-of-a-kind Jackalope Daytripper shirt. Get it 20% off with the code DADTRIPPER!

This Hairy Shirt

If your dad is a bearded-wonder, he’ll surely enjoy this shirt promoting a bearded Texas! Help dad “Keep Texas BEARD” and show off his love of facial hair by clicking HERE.


Get your Dadtripper a Daytripper shirt to show off his love of Texas travel! With 9 various styles and colors, there’s sure to be something your Dad will love! So head on over to the store and be sure to use the promo code DADTRIPPER at check out to get your Daytripper items 20% off!

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