Gear for the Road: Samsung Galaxy S7

By chet | August 18, 2016

“What sort of gear do you use?” is a question we get a lot over here at “The Daytripper.” It’s not an easy one to answer, because it takes a LOT of gear to make our show. We need big cameras, small cameras, still cameras, audio gear,…etc. etc. etc. Not to mention a MacGyver-like box of cables, attachments, and C-47s (a fancy film word for clothespins). Oh, and you can never forget about the smartphone.

A good smartphone is critical “GEAR FOR THE ROAD.” We use it to call locations and set up appointments. We use it as a walkie-talkie amongst the crew.  We use it as a GPS when we’re completely lost.  It’s a scouting guide. It’s a camera. It’s a social media tool. It’s a lifeline to the world. Recently, AT&T sent me a Samsung Galaxy S7 to take on the road.  So, I ditched my Galaxy S5 Active and tried it out.


OVERALL – the S7 is pretty darn amazing.  Here are some high points.

  • FASTER – It does everything my S5 did, but snappier and faster. (who doesn’t love that?)
  • GREAT DESIGN – It feels good in the hand. Oh so good. So good that I didn’t want to put on a case – which made me nervous I was going to drop it the entire time, but it was worth it.
  • BETTER CAMERA – The camera is incredible. And they’ve made a HUGE improvement in the front-facing one. Bring on the selfies.
  • FINGERPRINT – it lets you login with your finger. So better security. Just in case you leave it behind at that BBQ joint.
  • WATERPROOF – Or at least water resistant up to a certain point. So don’t worry about taking it to that swimming hole. A little splashin’ around won’t hurt it.
  • REMOVABLE STORAGE – It takes a microSD card, meaning you’ll never run out of photo space on the road.

If you want to really dig into the specifics and nitty-gritty, you can find a great review on Android Central.  But as far a daytrippin’ goes, this S7 might be the best phone yet.  Plus, you can put them in the cool Samsung VR goggles.  That way you can go DAYTRIPPIN’ all over the world without leaving your couch.


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