Garner Gang Trips the Mesquite Rodeo

By chet | January 31, 2020

So, this past December I got to take my family to the Mesquite Rodeo.  For most of my kids, this was their first rodeo.  I figured, why not introduce them to the “Official Sport of Texas” in the “Official Rodeo Capital of Texas.”  

On Friday night, we hung out as a family, eating some ‘que, meeting some cowboys, and trying to explain the events to my kids.  

The most epic part was heading into the “Shark Cage” for the bull riding.  This is a steel cage sitting just feet from where the bulls are bucking.  It’s epic.

On Saturday, we spent the day exploring Mesquite.  It’s a great Texas town, and most folks don’t realize it because Dallas is quickly gobbling it up.  The best stop of the day was a new restaurant called “Porch Swing” because, well, PIE!!!!!  And because they had chicken-fried catfish with jalapeno gravy.  What What!

On Saturday night, I hosted a meet-and-greet and got to say “howdy” to a bunch of our fans from across the State.  We hosted the winner of our GIVEAWAY.  She was awesome and had driven in from Andrews, Texas for the show.  

The finale was a Charley Crockett concert. He’s one of my favorite music artists and watching him at the end of night was like drinking a big old chocolate milkshake at the end of a steak dinner.  I love chocolate milkshakes.  All in all, my family loved the event.  And seeing a rodeo in Mesquite should be on every Texas tripper’s list.

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