Father’s Day Gift Guide

By chet | June 11, 2021

Father’s Day is coming up and your dad deserves something just as awesome as he is. Whether he’s a bearded wonder, the pitmaster, a trippin’ fanatic or a true cowboy, we’ve got the perfect gift for him at DTHQ!

Gifts for the Bearded Wonder

A man’s beard is a wondrous thing and deserves products that are just as awesome. We’ve partnered with some incredible Texas folks who also revere the beard to bring you these great-smelling products.

West Texas Beard Company

Does Dad have a rockin’ beard? Help him maintain that manly mane with these amazing balms and oils from the folks at West Texas Beard Company in Lubbock.

Black Hatchet

Dad will look sharp with these natural and organic Austin-made shower products made of 100% pure essential oils and organic activated charcoal.

Gifts for the Trippin’ Fanatic

Does Dad love trippin’ Texas? Has he visited almost every state park, read every historical marker and driven every highway in Texas? Then this list of trippin’ gear is for him.

Daytripper T-Shirt

It’s no secret that Texas summers are blazing hot. Keep Dad cool (in more than one way) with a super comfy t-shirt!

Water Bottle

The heat of the day is no match for The Daytripper Water Bottle. Choose dad’s favorite color and help him stay hydrated out on trips. And if he chooses to fill it with beer, we won’t judge.

Texas Counties Scratch Off Map

If your dad’s life goal is to become a part of the 254 Club, this colorful scratch-off map by MapPinners in Austin will help him keep track of where he’s been as he slowly conquers Texas.

  Daytripper Hat  

This is the ultimate hat for any Dad-Tripper. ‘Nuff said.


These DT Sunglasses ideal gift for any man who loves to spend his days outdoors hiking, hunting, boating or, let’s be honest here, waiting 5 hours in line for some tasty Texas BBQ.

Gifts for the BBQ Pitmaster

Here’s a list of tricks, spices and cooking techniques from some of the top BBQ Pitmasters in the state for all the dads who get more heated debating Texas’s best BBQ joints than politics, and whose idea of a fancy dinner consists of long lines, parchment paper plates and smoke-stained walls.

Hardcore Carnivore

Help Dad step up his BBQ game with these products from Jess Pryles, Australian-turned-Austinite and meat connoisseur. She’s got these delicious meat-enhancing rubs and the Hardcore Carnivore Cookbook to keep Dad cooking like a pro!

Perini Ranch Rubs & Cookbook

What do you call a piece of meat that you don’t eat? A missed steak. It’d also be a mistake to let Father’s Day pass without introducing your dad to the magical spices and cooking techniques of Perini Ranch, Abilene’s famous steakhouse.

Franklin Barbecue: Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Get ready to welcome long lines of folks into your home if you buy your dad this book by Austin’s own famous pitmaster Aaron Franklin. In his manifesto, he reveals some of his juicy secrets for creating the perfect brisket.

Meat Church Rubs

The Holy Trinity of Barbecue is typically brisket, sausage and ribs. But Matt Pittman of Meat Church has created his own: Honey Hog BBQ, Holy Cow BBQ and The Gospel All-Purpose Rubs to help Dad get his grill on at home!

BBQ Log Book

BBQ is more than just an important Texas food group, it’s a lifestyle. And now your dad can keep track of all the best ‘que joints in Texas with this log book made by Justin Tordella in Austin, TX.

Gifts for the True Cowboy 

Does your dad eat, live and breathe Texas? Is his favorite holiday Texas Independence Day? Can he recite Texas history from memory? Than these Texified gifts are the way to go!

Texas Flag Socks

Put a little Tex in Dad’s step with these comfy and colorful Texas Flag Socks!

Moore Maker Knives

These knives made up in the Panhandle of Texas are more than just sharp and beautiful — they’ll last Dad a lifetime!

Cowboy Hat 

If your dad is a huge Daytripper fan, he’ll love this hat. It’s comfy and the ideal hat for trippin’ across Texas.

Callahan Leather Air Freshener

Is your dad’s favorite scent the smell of a new pair of cowboy boots? Then he’ll love these expertly crafted leather air fresheners from Clyde, TX.

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