DogTrippers on South Congress

By Todd White | June 21, 2014

002Howdy Daytrippers.  We’re Mason and Lexi, the latest addition to The Daytripper Blog.  Just call us the Dogtrippers.  Chet asked us to travel the state, looking for the best destinations for “Man’s Best Friend.”  For our first travel installment, we wanna show you how to explore our hometown of Austin, but on 4 legs instead of 2.

For a place that’s happy to kennel both dogs and their humans, check in to the Hotel San Jose on South Congress.

The rooms all face outdoors (no early morning elevator rides to attend to “business”), and there are plenty of places to explore and relax outside the rooms.  They charge a very reasonable dog fee of $10/night.

Staying here, we were right in the heart of the South Congress District.  Many of the shops are dog-friendly and some even keep a treat jar hidden behind the counter.  Just make sure to look extra cute.  There’s a reason you’ve got a puppy dog face – use it.  Also, most of the restaurants have outdoor seating and are happy to bring out a bowl of water for well-behaved pups.


Of course, after a busy morning and lunch, we decided to head back to the hotel for some much deserved napping.


Now no dog-trip (or any trip for that matter) to Austin would be complete without heading to Zilker Park and Lady Bird Lake.


Zilker’s “Great Lawn” offers plenty of room for off-leash exploring. The nearby Hike and Bike Trail is another great way to explore the city with your owner.

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And if you’re tired of just admiring the lake from the land, head over to Zilker Park Boat Rentals for some on-the-water adventure.


None of the life jackets fit us, but oh well.  Luckily our owners were decent paddlers and we never had to swim.  Although we were tempted to jump out and start chasing some ducks.


There is plenty of wildlife to check out as you paddle down Barton Creek and onto Lady Bird Lake.

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Finally, our owners were hungry for dinner and there are tons of places in town that practically encourage doggy dining.  In East Austin, Silo or Takoba are both great for pets.  And for one of the most family-friendly and dog-friendly places in Texas, head to Freddie’s Place on South First.  But for a great outdoor biergarten with its very own fenced-off dog run, we headed to Banger’s Sausage House in the Rainey Street District.  Our humans were so busy enjoying house-made sausages and their expansive beer selection, they never noticed their phone was missing.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 10.53.23 AM

As you see, there are tons of places in Austin that both pups and people can enjoy.   After all, doggies love day trips too.  Until next time, we’ll see you on the road!  Vaya con Perros.

Guest Post by: Will Garner, Mason and Lexi

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