Dive In: SCUBA in Texas!

By chet | July 7, 2016

You may be planning your weekend trips to finish out the last weeks of summer, so you’re wondering what to do next to keep cooled off. Well, if you don’t have time for a pricey tropical getaway — don’t worry! All the sunshine, exotic sea life and crazy weekend adventure you need is right here in this great state! Here is a list of just a few of our favorite SCUBA Spots across Texas to help you DIVE IN this weekend!

Athens SCUBA Park – Athens, TX

Just half a mile from the Athens, TX square, you’ll find a glimmering Mediterranean-blue lake full of sunken planes, boats, obstacles and more. It’s a great place for beginners because if you aren’t certified, Athens SCUBA Park can teach you and they will rent you the gear you need. CLICK HERE to read our trip guide on Athens.


San Solomon Springs – Balmorhea, TX


The San Solomon Springs in Balmorhea State Park is a spring-fed, clear-blue oasis in the middle of the desert, and at a constant 72-degrees, it’s just the right temperature to keep you cool. This is the perfect spot for divers and non-divers. If SCUBA isn’t your thing, you can splash near the surface on the shallow, concreted end, while SCUBA divers can explore the rocky depths and natural sea life (like the Comanche Springs Pupfish) on the deep end. Forget your SCUBA gear? The Toyahvale Desert Oasis shop across the street can rent you some. CLICK HERE read our Balmorhea trip guide.


Valhalla Missile Silo – Abilene, TX

The Valhalla Missile Silo is one of the most trare (and adventurous) places to dive in Texas. In the 1960’s, the silo housed an Atlas nuclear missile but today its concrete walls hold 120 ft of ground water that are ripe for exploration. At 58 degrees, it’s a cold — and not to mention dark — swim, but this Abilene SCUBA spot is a perfect way to dive deeper into the history of Texas. It’s only open to private groups, so call the Family Scuba Center in Midland to make reservations. CLICK HERE for our Abilene travel guide.

Blue Lagoon – Huntsville, TX 

blue lagoon1

Beneath the trees of Huntsville is a beautiful swimming hole with pure turquoise waters and sandy beaches that rival the shores of Cancun. At Blue Lagoon you can spend your afternoon diving to the depths or swim through sunken wooden ships. They even allow non-SCUBA divers in the water, but the capacity is limited so call ahead. And if you aren’t a diver, they offer SCUBA lessons on the weekends and you can rent gear from them.  CLICK HERE to read our Huntsville trip guide.

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