Dia de Rudy’s: DFW Recap

By chet | November 17, 2016

It was one crazy weekend in DFW as we attempted the greatest challenge of all: eating at ALL 5 Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q locations across the Metroplex! We enjoyed fun, games and (of course) TONS of BBQ from Rudy’s, but it was YOU that made this event possible and awesome!

We started the day bright and early at the Arlington location with a 9 a.m. breakfast of bacon, brisket, egg and cheese tacos!


For brunch, we were dying to have some of Rudy’s moist brisket…that always hits the spot on a day out trippin’!

Stop two #diaderudys @rudysbbq Fort Worth. A little brisket brunch A photo posted by Chet Garner (@chettripper) on

At the Denton location, we were starting to feel the pains of our barbecue-induced coma, but we’d come too far to turn back. So we stuffed our faces and journeyed on.

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Throughout the day, we had an amazing turnout at all five locations, and YOU took epic pictures and tagged them with #diaderudys, so here’s a few of our faves!


  A photo posted by Linsey T. (@linseylouu) on

Great to meet you, Jason C.

Great to meet you, Jason C.


  A photo posted by AJ Lomas (@lomasaj) on

Hat swap? Vaya con dios! #diaderudys #rudysbarbq #thedaytripper #chetgarner #dfw #hatswap A photo posted by Lauren (@laurenmann33) on

The Frisco Rudy’s location gave us an awesomely artsy welcome!

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And though we truly enjoyed our second lunch of peppered tenderloin…we were having a really hard time hiding our fullness!

  Stop 4 of #diaderudys @rudysbbq in Frisco called for peppered tenderloin. This is the way it should be cooked.   A photo posted by Chet Garner (@chettripper) on    

rudys-food_new Before we knew it, we were at our last stop at the Rudy’s in Allen. They spoiled us with THREE desserts: “Nanner Puddin,” Chocolate Pudding and Peach Cobbler! So we ate as much as we could into the remaining room in our stomachs and ended our day on a sweet note! desserts

Stop 5 of #diaderudys @rudysbbq Allen. Squeezing “Nanner Puddin” into any open crevice I can find. A photo posted by Chet Garner (@chettripper) on

However, after 5 meals of barbecue, we had to surrender ourselves to the meat coma taking over. But just because we were full doesn’t mean the party was over.

In addition to the awesome Rudy’s swag that we gave folks who won our Bingo challenge and the $50 Rudy’s gift cards we gave to everyone who made it to all five locations, we also gave out a BIG Grand Prize at the end of the day. Using the playing cards folks collected at each location, we played a game of 5-card stud for a $250 Rudy’s gift card. Congratulations to our winner Ramiro, who won with three of a kind (all aces)!


Shout out to the 21 folks that were brave — and hungry — enough to make it to ALL FIVE LOCATIONS. It was a meaty job, but someone had to do it, and we’re glad we had so many awesome folks join us! 


What a day! We had a blast and can’t wait to do it again! Thank you so much for coming out to say “hello” and thanks to Rudy’s for making it possible!

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