Maybe you can't pronounce it, but that doesn't mean you can't trip it and have an incredible time. From the
history, to the food, to the passionate people carrying on traditions. It’s time you make your own TRIPSAHACHIE!


Ellis County Museum

Organized and run by the locals, this is the best place to learn about life(ahachie) in town. Take a trip back in time and learn about the historic figures of Waxhachie and Ellis County.

And while you’re in downtown for the museum be sure to look closely at the Ellis County Courthouse and see if you can spot all the carved faces hidden among the stones!

Munster Mansion Texas

See some familiar (and spooky!) faces at Sandra McKee’s recreated Munster Mansion. She scoured the 1960s television show “The Munsters” to build this exact replica and fans of the show will notice that not one creepy, crawly thing is out of place! You’ll even find Spot hiding out under the stairs!


Catfish Plantation

Unfortunately, the Catfish Plantation has permanently closed since we filmed this episode.

Meat Church BBQ

It’s pretty clear that Matt Pittman was born to be a pitmaster, and now he’s here to teach you his smokey ways. Head to his downtown store to pick up some of his delicious meat rubs, or join him for a full on “service” of Meat Church (in his own backyard!) to see firsthand how he cooks up some of the most delicious ‘cue in the state.


878 Airsoft

Settle in for a game of airsoft on the largest airsoft field in Texas, complete with buildings, battlefields and vehicles. If you’ve never played it, air soft is similar to paintball, but cooler because it doesn’t hurt as much and the ammo is cheaper. So what are you waiting for…take a shot!

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