In the middle of the Coastal Bend is one of the oldest towns in Texas established in 1824 as a part of the Republic of Mexico. This town’s past makes it rich with history, but it’s also home to the oldest deli in Texas, a WILD zoo and hours of outdoor fun — making a trip to Victoria one for the history books!


Trail Through Time

Learn more about the characters of this historic town at the Trail through Time, a hike and bike trail that winds through town. The trail will take you through the past, from Mission Espiritu Santo in 1725 to the building of the Macaroni Line in 1882

The Museum of the Coastal Bend

The Museum of the Coastal Bend at Victoria College is a great place to learn more about this area’s earliest people (all the way back to the Prehistoric Clovis people). You’ll find exhibits and artifacts on Ft. St. Louis, the earliest French settlement in Texas, and the first Presidio la Bahia.  You can even learn how to throw an atlatl (the weapon of choice in the mammoth days)!

The Texas Zoo

Stop by the Texas Zoo for a WILD time! This zoo started when the Mayor of Victoria was given a lion…and since then it’s grown to include all sorts of creatures like bengal tigers, lemurs and ocelots! Take a Wildside Tour for a behind-the-cages tour of the zoo and the chance to get up close to these amazing animals!

Moonshine Drinkery

After a long day of tripping, relax at Moonshine Drinkery, which is bringing new life to an old building using a historic beverage — moonshine. They serve up 11 different moonshine flavors from sweet tea and apple pie to cinnamon and lemon drop.  It’s also a great place to take in some live music


Fossati's Delicatessen

For lunch, hit up Fossati’s Delicatessen, the oldest deli in Texas that’s been serving sandwiches to the town of Victoria since 1882. The signature plate is a “Dutch Lunch” which is basically a build-your-own-sandwich kit that comes with bread, fresh veggies, homemade (super hot) beer mustard and cold cuts. Also not to be missed is Ella May’s homemade stew.

Mumphord's Place Bar-B-Q

At Mumphord’s Place Bar-B-Q, you’re a part of the family. Brothers Keith and Ricky learned how to make barbecue at family reunions when they were kids, and they’re still serving up the same old fashioned recipes. They may not have fancy machines to smoke this meat, but just take one bite into the tender ribs doused in a brown sugar-glazed sauce, and you’ll swear this is how ‘que was meant to taste.


Riverside Park

Riverside Park’s got a little bit of everything when it comes to outdoor fun – giant outdoor playground, disc golf holes and 4 miles of the Guadalupe River. So try your hand at disc golf and when it’s time to cool off, splash right into the river.  The best place for swimming is Grover’s Bend along the northwest edge of the park.

Keep Exploring

Victoria, TX