Out west of San Antonio, this town is rich in Texas heritage. It's a wild town sitting where the Hill Country meets West Texas and South Texas, giving it a feel that is uniquely Uvalde.


Briscoe-Garner Museum

John Nance Garner was Speaker of the US House and Vice President under FDR. Dolph Briscoe was the Governor of Texas. Both were Texan, both were bigger than life and you can learn about both of them here at this museum in Garner’s old home.

Briscoe Art and Antique Collection

You can find pieces of Governor Briscoe’s extravagant art collection in the strangest place — at the First State Bank of Uvalde Headquarters. Part bank, part museum, you can take a tour of the incredible art pieces that include Remington and Rembrandt original paintings. You can call to schedule a tour, but walk-ins are welcome! They are open Monday – Friday 9 am – 3 pm.


Live Oak Gorditas

Don’t let the outer exterior of this small, wooden shack scare you away. Inside is truly authentic Mexican cuisine and some of the best gorditas in South Texas. Made from scratch, these doughy pockets are filled with tasty goodies. If you’re brave, try the mollejas gordita (cow thyroid glands).

Hangar 6 Air Cafe

You don’t have to be a pilot to enjoy this airport cafe. Once an active military training facility, Garner Field Airport now hosts a small diner where you can watch planes take off over a beer and a burger. It’s the perfect food to fuel your adventure — literally! Pilots can get the $100 Burger deal, with their choice of any burger and $100 worth of jet fuel.


Park Chalk Bluff

Towering bluffs. Crystal clear water. Pebble beaches. What more could you need on a hot afternoon? It’s crowded in the summer and secluded in the winter, but either way it’s the ideal oasis in the middle of all that West Texas scrub.

DriveTanks.com at OX Ranch

The Ox Ranch is your one-stop-shop for going completely WILD — whether you want to hunt for exotic animals or you’re looking to shoot something with a little more FIRE POWER. This may be the only place that you can drive and shoot old army tanks, including what’s regarded as the “Best Sherman left in the world.” It’s insanely awesome!

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