This small town nestled along a winding river looks so picturesque you might just think you're in a movie...and you almost are! Head to Smithville and you might just find this is the kind of town where "hope floats..."


Self-Guided Movie Sights Tour

Smithville’s picturesque and quintessential small town vibe is why it’s been the setting for tons of motion pictures. However, none made Smithville more famous than 1998′s Hope Floats starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. Sights from Hope Floats, Tree of Life (the 2011 film starring Brad Pitt) and many others lie all around town. You can find a self-guided tour brochure here, and be sure to stop by Pocket’s Grille to see tons of local movie memorabilia.




Smitty the Gingerbread Man

Smithville is also home to Smitty, who was once the largest Gingerbread Man in the World at over 20 ft. tall and requiring over 72 dozen eggs! While the actual cookie is no longer around, Smitty stands proud and tall in his honor at the end of Main Street. He’s often dressed for the seasonal holiday and weather.

James H. Long Railroad Park

All aboard! Transport yourself back to the 1880s when this town was a booming railroad destination on the MKT line. You’ll find all sorts of old train cars in this park surrounding the old Depot, as well as a museum.




Murphy's Steakhouse

Come on by Murphy’s for an amazing meal and epic history. After the postmaster died in nearby Winchester, TX, in the 1970s, the townfolk were scared that the town was going to lose it’s township if it lost its post office. To save the town, the folks put the post office in this steakhouse (which is also the old general store) and the rest is delicious history. Stop by Winchester for hand cut steaks, hand breaded onion rings, and even stamps if you need them.


Winchester Depot and Ice Cream Junction

Stop by this old depot down the road from Murphy’s Steakhouse for a sweet treat. While it used to be a saloon, it’s now a lot more family friendly, and the best place for an after dinner snack of ice cream and candy!


Pocket's Grille

If you’re feeling hungry for the spotlight, then Pocket’s Grille is the place for you! Covering the walls of this roadside diner are tons of props from the movies that were filmed right in town from the Honey’s Diner sign from Hope Floats to signed scripts from every film that’s been shot in Smithville. But, movie props aside, the main star is the juicy burgers and comfort food.


Buescher State Park

This state park is a quiet place that’s great for relaxing or fishing in the beautiful lake. If you’re up for a more extreme nature experience, grab your bike and hop on Park Road 1C which connects to nearby Bastrop State Park where you can see the beauty of the Lost Pines.


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