On the edge of Texas lies one of the least traveled -- but most historic -- areas in the state. Sure, Seminole Canyon may be in the middle of nowhere, but it's got all the adventure, eats and history of the bigger towns in Texas!


Seminole Canyon Visitors Center

Learn how Seminole Canyon was formed over 100 million years ago and see artifacts left behind by the first Texans at the Visitors Center. You can also learn more about the rock art in the caves.




Pecos River High Bridge

Towering 270 feet above the turquoise waters of the Pecos River, the Pecos High Bridge is the tallest in Texas. Take in the entire bridge from the Pecos River rest stop overlook or really get a thrill and drive across it!



Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center

While you’re in this part of Texas, you gotta stop by old Judge Bean’s Jersey Lilly Saloon. See the original saloon where the “Law West of the Pecos” held court and the opera house he built in honor of the famous singer Lillian Langtry. Next door at the Visitor Center, see even more of his artifacts.


Fate Bell Site

Besides being an amazing hiking site, Seminole Canyon is also home to dozens of rock paintings left behind by prehistoric peoples. Take a guided tour of Fate Bell Shelter to see the oldest rock art site in all of North America, dating back 4000 years, as well as the shelters where they once lived with smoke spots marking the ceiling and the remnants of their grass mat beds.


White Shaman Preserve

The Witte Museum hosts guided tours of the White Shaman Preserve, an active archaeological site that is the site of ancient cooking pits and significant rock paintings from over 3000 years ago! Though the interpretation of the paintings are still a mystery, these rock paintings are so cool to see!


Tacos Rosy

Unfortunately,  Tacos Rosy has permanently closed since we filmed.

J&P Bar and Grill

The other restaurant in Comstock is just as delicious! They make a mean Chicken Fried Steak with homemade gravy, but the real legends are their massive hamburgers with fresh-ground meat. For a little kick, get “The Devil Burger” which comes with fresh jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and jalapeno cilantro mayo!

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