It's no secret that Texans love their tacos, and while San Antonio is home to tacos galore, they're credited with inventing one certain taco: the delicious Puffy Taco. A family of taco-lovers have opened two taco joints in Alamo City that make for a perfect puffy taco tour!


Ray's Drive Inn

Ray’s has been a classic staple in Tex-Mex history for 60 years — and there’s definitely a reason folks are flocking to try them. They are proudly known as the “Inventor of the Puffy Taco” and thanks to a delicious accident by Great-Grandma Lopez, the beautifully fluffy puffy taco was born. Cruise on up to this drive-inn for a miraculous taco experience.


Henry's Puffy Tacos

Henry, Ray’s brother, worked at Ray’s while growing up, learning the taco-making ways of the Lopez family. He eventually opened his own taco shop with a secret recipe and a take on the puffy taco all his own. And the result is a masterpiece of light, airy taco perfection that is somehow both soft and fluffy, yet delightfully crunchy at the same time. Be sure to say “Hello” to the world’s first Puffy Taco mascot while you’re there!

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