You may think you know Rockwall, and that might just be as a fancy suburb of Dallas, but it's more complex than that. This town on the banks of Lake Ray Hubbard has new surprises around every corner.


Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum

This museum is housed in the oldest residential home in town — and it’s more than just a treasure trove of local artifacts. It’s also the place where you can learn about the real and very mysterious rock wall, which has some controversy about how it got there or where it came from. See what’s left of this seemingly man-made historic wall that stretches down 80 feet into the ground outside the museum.

Futuro House

If the last destination was the most historic, than this just might be the most futuristic house in town… even if it was built in the 1960s. This space ship-looking circular house was one of the few popular “Futuro Houses” that actually made it to market during the 1960s, when this modern style was created. And though now it’s only a shell of a building, I bet your imagination will run wild with the sci-fi possibilities of this place.


Boots Burgers

You might be surprised to find that the local favorite burger joint is actually a converted garage! It’s got none of the those frilly things like fries, tables and waitstaff — but what it does have is some of the best flavorful and greasy burgers you’ll find. Order yours with the homemade jalapeno relish, grab a coke and some chips and enjoy your burger nearby at Harry Myers Park (because it’s actually illegal to eat on the property.)

Bin 303

Just off the square is an upscale restaurant serving more than just your average Texan eats. Chef Mat of the Culinary Institute of America cooks up delicious fresh plates with global influences to create something super special, like rolled pork tacos with ancho BBQ Sauce.


A1 Golf Center

Unfortunately, A1 Golf Center has permanently closed since we filmed this episode.

Rockwall Harbor

The Rockwall Harbor is a happening place! Whether you’re taking sailing lessons with the North Texas Sailing School, hopping on a yacht at the Rush Creek Yacht Club , watching the annual Christmas Boat Parade or catching a concert on a summer night, this spot has something for everyone, and an incredible view of Lake Ray Hubbard.

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