This is a day trip in my neck of the woods, the Southeastern border of Texas. It's a gumbo pot of cultures sitting right on the edge of Texas & Louisiana. It may be out of the way, but it's the only way to go for a melting pot of experiences.


Museum of the Gulf Coast

The museum in this old bank building covers the town’s history from Jurassic to Janis Joplin. It’s a life-sized textbook, and it’s even got an awesome replica of Janis’s psychedelic Porsche!

Sabine Pass Battleground State Historical Park

This is the site of one of the most significant Civil War battles in Texas, where in 1863, Lt. Dick Dowling and his men fought back an army of Union soldiers 100 times its size at Fort Griffin, preventing Union forces from invading Texas during the war.


Boudain Hut

This place is just about as Cajun as they come…and you know what that means: BOUDAIN (sausage stuffed with dirty rice). And you can get in just about every form: fried, links, quesadillas, omelets and sandwiches! It’s a truly Southeast Texas experience.

The Schooner Restaurant

If it swims, they have it. Since 1947, they’ve been serving up all sorts of seafood and Cajun flavors, and everything is made in house. BUT when you visit, you have to get the Sabine Pass Delicacy of barbecue crabs. And don’t be expecting any smoked flavor, these bad boys are all deep fried and all delicious.


Sea Rim State Park

Sea Rim is 4000 acres of marshland and 5 miles of beachfront, and it’s one of Texas’s most remote state parks. It’s a beautiful spot of land to slow down and enjoy the coast, or you can do one of my favorite childhood activities: crabbing.

Keep Exploring

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