This is a town pfolks pass everyday without even thinking twice about truly exploring. But if you choose to stop in for the day, I think you'll find that nothing here is what it seems -- it's even better! Get ready for a whole lotta PFUN.


Heritage House Museum

Learn more about Pflugerville’s “pfounding pfathers” at this museum in the historic home of Gottlieb Bohls. Not only is it full of artifacts from locals, but the house, itself, is an interesting place. It was ordered out of a catalog and is a time capsule of all the “latest” amenities of the 1800s — including a rotary phone and a hand-crank coffee maker.


Central Texas BMX

Got a need for speed? Head to this epic BMX track that was created in collaboration with Travis County. It doesn’t matter if it’s your one-millionth ride or your first, this training course comes with everything (bike, gear, dirt…)you’ll need to be “pflying” down the tracks. Once you’re ready, enter one of their community races.


Spirit of Texas Distillery

It may not look like much from the outside, but this metal warehouse is making and serving up award-winning rum and whiskey. One of the coolest things they make is Pecan Street Rum, which is made by placing real pecans in the barrels! Stop by the taproom to try one of the fun cocktails featuring their spirits — like the “Daytripper” cocktail!




Taste of Ethiopia

For a taste of something you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, hit up this Ethiopian cuisine restaurant. It’s more than just a meal — it’s an experience! So don’t let the giant platter of food intimidate you, just dig in and enjoy!


Brotherton's Black Iron Barbecue

This ain’t your typical ‘que joint, but man is it good! The only traditional thing about it is the wood they smoke the meat on! And while you can still get the classic three-meat-plate (which doesn’t disappoint), I suggest you get your brisket piled on a “pfilly,” bahn mi or pastrami reuben sandwich.


Lake Pflugerville

When you need a little space, head to this lake that’s “pfar” outside of town to get your “pfill” of nature and water “pfun!”

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