This town isn’t in the Middle East (it’s actually on the edge of East Texas) but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Whether you’re eating a greasy burger at the local diner, searching for hidden falls at the park or hunting for wild hogs in the woods, there’s always something to do in Palestine, TX ( pronounced Pales-TEEN).


Museum for East Texas Culture

This attraction has permanently closed since we filmed this episode.

NASA Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility

In the woods of this East Texas town is the NASA Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility where giant 1000-foot-tall balloons are launched into space carrying important goods. Tour the facility to learn all about the awesome things these folks contribute to science!


Hamburger Bar

The Hamburger Bar has permanently closed since we filmed this episode.

Pint and Barrel Drafthouse

Hit up Pint and Barrel Drafthouse in Old Town Palestine for an extravagant meal served with craft beers and great conversation. From BBQ bacon cheese fries to a Sandwich with pulled pork, fried spam and bacon, there’s no shortage of artery-clogging, cheesy, greasy and oh-so-tasty pub grub at this local favorite.


Wolf Creek Lake Waterfall

Hidden deep in the trees surrounding Wolf Creek Lake at the Palestine Community Forest is a hidden grotto with a waterfall that’s mesmerizing when it’s flowing. But whether or not you’re lucky enough to see the falls, the land surrounding it is just as breathtaking, with multiple nature trails twisting through the tall pine trees.

Night Vision Hog Hunting

This area of Texas is a prime spot for hunting the wild hogs that roam the local farms, and nothing is more adrenaline-pumping than hunting for these giant beasts in the dark. Brian Bedre of Night Vision Hog Hunting will set you up with a rifle and thermal-imaging device, and take you out for one wild night of hunting that also benefits the local farmers by keeping their crops safe from the hogs.

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