Paint Rock has all the things you didn't even know you were looking for in a day trip! The seat of Concho County, Paint Rock sits right on the border between central and west Texas, and the place boasts ancient history, beautiful landscapes, good food, and friendly folks.


The Painted Rocks

Located just north of the Concho River and the small town of Paint Rock is a limestone cliff seventy feet high decorated with a tremendous display of Native American history. The site hosts over 1,500 pictographs in a variety of colors that include animal, human figures, geometrics, and hand prints. A rough carbon date places the earliest pictographs at around one thousand years old.

O.H. Ivie Lake

O.H. Ivie Lake is where two titan waterways of Texas – the Colorado River and the Concho River – meet. Great for boating and fishing, O.H. Ivie is serene and and beautiful.


Farm Ale Brewing (Eola School Restaurant)

Delicious beer, incredible smash burgers, and – a gymnasium? Yep, you can find all of this and more at Farm Ale Brewing in Eola. We promise you’ve never seen a brewery and restaurant like this one.

Lowake Steak House

Since 1951, steak lovers have been making the trek out to Rowena just so they can eat at Lowake Steak House. And once you’ve tasted the food, you’ll understand why.


3 Nail Ironware

Owners Randy and Margie Kaiser are real, modern-day blacksmiths who take great pride in their beautiful, handmade carbon steel skillets. These works of art are highly adaptable, too – you can use them in the kitchen, on the grill, and even on the campfire.

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