Alright, so Natural Bridge isn’t a town, but it is filled with enough activities that you will end up spending the day exploring it. And trust me, things get pretty wild here...


Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

This is an epic Wildlife park where you can feed the exotic species living in this African safari in the middle of Texas! This is your chance to feed a buffalo or a ostrich from the comfort of your car– just watch out for those ostriches…they’ll take your fingers too if you let them!


Natural Bridge Caverns

Head underground to explore the rest of this awesome area. Natural Bridge Caverns is the largest show cave in Texas and is seriously impressive! Spend a while exploring these caverns like an adventurer!


Bracken Store Cafe

While you can find delicious food at the Wildlife Ranch cafe at Natural Bridge, if you are hungry as a lion, I recommend you grab a Bracken Burger at the Bracken Cafe. These burgers are known for their behemoth size and come with an equally large pile of fries.

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Natural Bridge, TX