Looking for a place to kick back and relax? Don't matter who you are, here, everybody is somebody. It's legendary both for its laid-back feel and it's music. It's time to get back to the basics of trippin' in Luckenbach.


Luckenbach General Store

Luckenbach is one of Texas’s favorite ways to kick back with a beer and enjoy some good country tunes from “Waylon, Willie and the boys.” And it’s been a stomping ground and stage for countless Texas musicians, like Willie Nelson, Gary P. Nunn, Pat Green, and Lyle Lovett. This cowboy hippie utopia was born in 1971 when Hondo Crouch bought the town and proclaimed himself mayor. Since then, it’s somehow found a way to preserve that laid-back vibe, even in the summers when the little “town” is packed with folks hoping to relive the good ol’ days of Texas. Stop into the old Post Office that’s now a General Store for some good shopping.

Luckenbach Dancehall

Be a part of boot-scootin’ history at this dancehall that’s been home to legendary concerts for over 72 years. It’s a classic Texas dancehall with no AC (that’s what the wind is for, folks!) and lots of two-steppin’. If you’re lucky, you might even get to be part of a pickin’ circle.

Jenschke Orchards

This orchard is full of 30 different varieties of peaches ripe for the pickin’. Grab a bucket and fill ‘er up with as many as your heart desires — it’s weigh and pay. These folks have a crop for every season — springtime strawberries, fall pumpkins and even Christmas trees. If you’re peach pickin’ in the summer, cool off with a scoop of their fresh homemade peach ice cream.


Garrison Brothers Distillery

As the first and oldest legal whiskey distiller in Texas, Garrison Bros. has been serving it up smooth since 2006. And it’s not just any bourbon whiskey — these folks are making grain to glass bourbon out in the Texas heat, which ain’t no easy feat. Get a tour of the entire distillation process and enjoy a glass of their handiwork at the “Whiskey Shack” for a better appreciation of the magic these guys are working. Cheers, y’all.


Luckenbach Feed Store

It ain’t a day trip to a legendary Texas dancehall without a little barbecue, so head on over to the Luckenbach Feed Store for Carolina-Style Pulled Pork Sandwiches and a mound of State Fair-style curly fries. Dee-licious!

Alamo Springs Cafe

Just like Luckenbach, this cafĂ© is loose and relaxed, but that don’t mean it’s not good eatin’. In fact, this is one of the best burger joints in the state. Their massive cheeseburger is basically the size of Texas. With its bigger-than-your-face glory, juicy, greasy simplicity and altogether melding of flavors, this out-of-this-world burger is for sure road trip-worthy.


Old Tunnel State Park

Old Tunnel State Park is officially the smallest state park in Texas, but it’s full of high-flying creatures. Built around an abandoned railroad tunnel, it is now home to 3 million Mexican free-tailed bats that take flight in a batty funnel every night at sunset. It’s incredible to see the official mammal of Texas up close and personal.

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