This region of Texas is a little bit Hill Country, a little bit Wild West and 100% Texan. It's a place with deep roots, hidden history and steaming schnitzels.


Lampasas County Museum

Lampasas County Museum is full of relics from the past, including the building — which was an old sheet metal shop! Learn about the days when Lampasas was a little rough around the edges. During the Wild West, this town had 36 different saloons! This museum’s got it all, from antique guns to modle steam trains.

World's Largest Spur

Since we filmed this episode, the World’s Largest Spur has found a new home in Abilene, Kansas.


Hancock Springs Bath House

Stop by the oldest bath house in Texas to see the ruins of the luxury of yesteryear. Back in the 1800s, folks flocked to Lampasas to take a dip in the historic “healing” sulfuric springs at bath houses and hotels just like this one.


Rustler's Junction

Rustler’s Junction is furniture store with a very wacky sense of design. Lining the walls are all sorts of odd and unique decorations from decorative critters and dinos made of iron. But my absolute favorite part is all of the taxidermy!


Eve's Cafe

Eve & Steve grew up in Germany and landed in Lampasas after retirement — and they brought with them their delicious German cookin’. Fill up on their signature schnitzel or bratwurst with curried ketchup, and don’t forget the beer! Prost! PS — just hope you aren’t afraid of puppets…the walls of this cafe are lined with marionettes!

Alfredo's Mexican Restaurant

Alfredo’s is a full experience! Sitting on the banks of a swamp and surrounded by stationary creatures, you might just feel like you’re at some sort of amusement. But kooky décor aside, the menu is full of your favorite Tex Mex classics and the deep fried jalapenos appetizer is to die for! I highly suggest you get their queso and the Enchilada Flag plate with green, white, and red sauce enchiladas!


Storm's Drive-In

Storm’s Drive-In opened in 1950 and it’s been a town hangout ever since. It’s even rumored to be a favorite spot of Elvis’s when he was stationed at Fort Hood. And it’s where you can get the semi-secret house specialty of a Frosted Dr Pepper. Yum!

Young's BBQ & More

Here in Texas, there’s nothing we love more than Tex-Mex and barbecue — and Young’s Burritos and BBQ is mixing these in the most delicious of ways. Order a burrito filled with moist brisket, crisp pico and spicy verde sauce at this family-owned joint for possibly the most Texan meal on the planet!


Hanna Springs

For centuries, people have traveled from far and wide to experience these healing springs — and though they’re no longer a hot-spot for swimming, they’re still really cool to see!

Hancock Springs Pool

This is the place to make a splash in Lampasas! Since 1911, folks have enjoyed the chilly 69 degree spring-fed waters — in fact, it’s one of the oldest spring-fed pools in Texas — older than Barton Springs! Take a dip and let the “healing” waters work their magic…

Hanna Springs Sculpture Garden

In this whimsical garden, art meets nature and dreams meet reality. Make your way through the 22 interactive art pieces by local artist Nancy Gray for a wonderfully weird and fun afternoon!

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