Killeen may be a military stop, but that means it's also a Central Texas hotbed of history and food! Travel the world without even leaving Texas when you trip through this town!


Fort Hood

You can’t visit Killeen without stopping in at the the largest military base in Texas where over 70,000 American soldiers are based. For the history of Fort Hood, check in at the gate, then proceed to explore the many artillery fields with tanks, guns, and helicopters.

1st Cavalry Museum

Visit this museum on the grounds of Fort Hood to learn about all about the 1st Cavalry, from it’s start in 1846 protecting the rugged frontier of Texas and building forts throughout the state to stave off Indian attacks all the way to its recent service in Iraq. Sitting adjacent to the 1st Cavalry Museum is the forthcoming National Mounted Warrior Museum which covers the evolution of mounted warfare. Located just outside the main gate, it is currently under construction, but will be free, open to the public, and will not require a visitor-pass to enter the post. It is projected to open to the public in 2023.

3rd Cavalry Museum

Unfortunately, this attraction has permanently closed since we filmed this episode. It will be replaced with the National Mounted Warrior Museum. For more information visit the 1st Cavalry Museum website.

Surplus City

Since Killeen is next to a military base, there is a surplus of surplus stores, and my favorite is Surplus City, which unlike a costume or hobby shop, is for real soldiers. Wander through the aisles of this store to find everything you’ll need for battle, and even get your gear customized. 


C&H Hawaiian Grill

After soldiers explore the world, many come back with appetites for the foods of the world and so Killeen has an amazing collection of foreign restaurants. One of my favorites is C&H Hawaiian Grill, which serves authentic Hawaiian food moist kalua pork, chicken katsu (basically fried chicken comfort food) and of course Hawaiian side staples of white rice and macaroni. Since we filmed this segment, C&H Hawaiian Grill has moved to nearby Harker Heights.

Taiwan Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Head to this local joint that’s been serving delicious Chinese favorites since 1981, which is evident by its walls tiled in photographs of those who have dined here over the years. From entire cavalries to famous Generals, the walls make up a “Who’s Who” of Fort Hood. And if you want to stick with the army theme, go for the General Tso’s Chicken. 

Korean Kitchen

Killeen has a strong Korean population, meaning you’ll find tons of amazing places to eat authentic foods, and The Korean Kitchen is one of my favorites. This family owned business has been around since 1975 and the extensive menu can turn even the most cowardly diner into a Korean-food lover.


Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area

Right outside of Fort Hood is this marina and outdoor recreation area where you can rent kayaks, knee boards, tubes and more to explore Belton Lake. There are also some epic waterslides.

Skydive Skylark

Ever felt like getting a real bird’s eye view of our beautiful state? If so, the pros at Skydive Temple gotcha covered! Previously located in Salado, Skydive Skylark takes reservations for tandem jumps (which begin at 10,000 feet and have the jumper spiraling back to earth at 120 mph!)  You’ll have a fantastic time, but you might also kiss the ground once you get back on it.

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