Beneath the shady canopies of the East Texas Piney Woods lie some pretty epic treasures just waiting to be discovered by trippers like you. Head to Jacksonville where the history is juicy, the cuisine is soulful and adventures await.


Loves Lookout

Before you get into town, take in the view of East Texas from Loves Lookout off Highway 69 — you can see for miles, which isn’t something you can typically do underneath all those trees.

Tomato Shed

This old tomato packing facility has been transformed into a year-round farmer’s market where you can buy your weight in fresh Jacksonville tomatoes! Don’t miss the historic photos on the wall to take a bite out of this town’s tomato-growing past.

Texas Basket Company

If you’re planning on buying tons of tomatoes while you’re in town, you’re gonna need a basket (or two or three) to hold them all. This 100-year-old factory’s got you covered with hundreds of beautifully woven baskets to choose from. And you can watch as they make the baskets from the observation deck.



Sylvia Mae's Soul Food

At Sylvia Mae’s, just about everything is smothered in butter and bacon grease — so you know it’s gonna be “Mmm mmm good!” This old fashioned joint serves up all your soul food faves like collard greens, hot water cornbread and smothered pork chops. As of February 2023, Sylvia Mae’s is TEMPORARILY CLOSED and looking for a new location.

Sadler's Kitchen

Since 1943, Sadler’s has been cookin’ up Texas cuisine made with fresh produce from the local farms, and you can find them in the historic jail and police station. I suggest the brisket enchiladas (some of the best I’ve ever had) and grilled okra!


If you like dessert, but also want to watch your weight, then RITUAL’s got you covered. Downstairs, you’ll find scratch-made French-inspired lunch dishes and luxuriously indulgent sweets, while upstairs is a yoga and wellness studio. It’s the best of ALL worlds.



Mud Creek Off-Road Park

Sadly, this attraction has closed since filming.

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