Situated between the Metroplex and the Hill Country is a town "Where Everybody is Somebody." It's a place where our Wild West past mixes with new Texas traditions, where legends of outlaws run wild, and where a slice of pie can solve all your problems. Trip to Hico for the richest of history, culture and fun.


Billy the Kid Museum

Get to the bottom of the biggest mystery in town at the Billy the Kid Museum. Hear the controversial story that made many believe that famous outlaw Billy the Kid wasn’t shot by Pat Garrett in New Mexico in 1881, but actually escaped him and was living as Brushy Bill in Hico, TX where he died. Whether you believe Brushy Bill was Billy the Kid or not, this museum is full of interesting evidence!


Downtown Hico

Heading downtown is like traveling back in time. It’s a mixture of historic buildings and fresh, new shops, with old-timey murals decorating almost every building. Don’t forget to stock up on popcorn of every flavor handmade in the store at Hico Popcorn Works! Sadly, the antique shop in the old opera house and Left Handed Guns have both permanently closed since we aired this episode.



Wiseman House Chocolates

These folks make some of the best Belgian chocolate truffles in the WORLD…so needless to say, you must stop here. Set in a historic home, Wiseman House handcrafts all kinds of chocolates, and my favorite is the “Wild Woman Truffle” — which is basically dark chocolate dipped in dark chocolate and then drizzled in dark chocolate…YUM! Not only can you eat these truffles, but you can take a Chocolate Class and make your own!


Eis Ice Cream and Sandwiches

Fuel up your day trip with lunch at this shop that serves a variety of sandwiches made with local produce in a building that’s been around since 1902. And since “Eis” is German for “ice cream,” you can bet they’ve got a great ice cream selection here!

Koffee Kup Family Restaurant

The Koffee Kup is a Hico institution that’s been serving the community since 1968 — and trust me, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the cuisine here and your Grandma’s homecookin’! I highly suggest sticking to the healthy shade of golden brown when it comes to your meal and chowing down on chicken fried steak, onion rings and — of course — lots of gravy! For dessert, try one (or all) of the 16 homemade pies.




Siloville mixes Hico’s farming industry with outdoor adventure! Four abandoned grain silos have been turned into epic rock climbing walls — and you can climb inside and outside the silos. Outside, you can also test your ninja skills by racing through an intense obstacle course!

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