Right in the middle of the Paluxy and Brazos Rivers, lies this old-fashioned town, and I mean really old-fashioned — it’s the Dinosaur Capital of Texas! Whether you’re exploring prehistoric footprints, walking among fake dinos or roaming around with modern beasts, you’re sure to have a roaring good time in Glen Rose.


Dinosaur World

While Jurassic Park doesn’t actually exist, the next best thing is Dinosaur World. Throughout this theme park, you can walk in the giant shadows of fake life-sized dinos, and learn about the real beasts that used to roam this land. There’s even a guided “fossil dig” for the little trippers!

Fossil Rim

At Fossil Rim, you can get up close and personal with modern day beasts on a safari. Feed all kinds of wild animals in their natural habitat from giraffes to rhinos from your own car window! What makes this Wildlife Center even cooler is that it’s helping to reintroduce endangered species back into the wild.

Creation Evidence Museum

Learn about a different point of view at the Creation Evidence Museum which challenges the mainstream idea that dinosaurs were extinct long before humans walked the earth. Museum Owner Karl Baugh believes that dinos and man co-existed, and has collected several artifacts that support his theory. Exhibits of interest include human footprints displaced by dinosaur footprints, human artifacts found in the wrong layers of stone according to science and even a Noah’s Ark recreation that shows dinosaurs on the ark.

"The Promise" in Glen Rose

If you’re in town on a weekend in September and October, make time to watch “the greatest story ever told” performed in a new way in The Promise. Since 1989, this musical production has been bringing the story of Jesus Christ — from birth to resurrection — to life for thousands of folks. From an amazing set to an outstanding cast, The Promise is a must-see when you’re in Glen Rose.


The Green Pickle

To eat like a local, grab a bite to eat at The Green Pickle, a local burger joint that also serves a mean breakfast. Stop in for loaded hash browns and a grilled flaky honey bun smothered in butter in the morning or a jalapeno burger and live music in the evening.

Pie Peddlers

If you’re still craving something sweet, hit Pie Peddlers on the Square for a warm slice of pie. Choose between 15 freshly baked pies including Raspberry Rhubarb, chocolate and pecan. Pair your pie with a Nutella milkshake from the Shoo-Fly Soda Shop next door. A match made in dessert heaven!

Loco Coyote

After a day of trippin’, you’re sure to feel ravenous — luckily Loco Coyote is the perfect place for a hefty appetite. With moist barbecue, fried fish and burgers bigger than your face (my favorite is the Jack Daniel’s Burger), you’ll be stuffed and happy in no time. There is usually a long wait for this local hot spot, but hanging out with folks is just part of the fun at this joint!


Dinosaur Valley State Park

Walk in the footprints of actual dinosaurs at Dinosaur Valley State Park. The thousands of footprints left by Texas dinosaurs in this park tell new stories about these giant beasts and their way of life. However, the dino tracks aren’t the only awesome thing about this state park — the Paluxy River, which flows through the park, is perfect for swimming and finding even more dino-print discoveries.

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