If you're cruising the highway between Austin and Houston, you'll pass through this little town and might get upset because the stoplights break up your flow. BUT - if you'll take some time to slow down and explore, you'll be treated to one of the most-Texan towns around.


City Meat Market

This is old school BBQ at its finest.  A spot that has been around for decades serving Texas-style barbecue just like your grandparents used to eat – long before it because the cool, creative cuisine that it is today.  Patrons order all the meat from the open pit.  Don’t miss the house made sausage and delicious pork steak.

Giddings Brewhaus

If you want some delicious, fresh-brewed beer and some tasty pizza and wings, then this is your stop.  It’s the modernized version of an old German Beer Hall.  All the brews are delicious, but I highly recommend the Zoch Bock named after the founders.  If you’re feeling like a fun mix up – order the German pizza topped with sauerkraut and sausage.


Texas Wendish Heritage Museum

So…who are the Wends?  And why do they get a museum?  Take a trip to the town of Serbin to find out.  This amazing museum tells the story of a people group from interior Germany that traveled to Texas in the mid to late 1800’s and found their home in Lee County.  The museum is full of amazing artifacts and includes their own Wendish noodles which they sell in a gift shop.  Next door, step into the painted sanctuary of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church adorned in Wendish blue.

Dime Box Distillery

This distillery occupies the historic depot and turns out some delicious spirits.  Their signature “Sixth Street” whiskey is bottled in a cool glass guitar to honor Austin’s legendary road.  The depot includes their barreling room which you can tour and a bar mixing up some delicious cocktails.


Bluff Creek Ranch

For mountain bikers, this working cattle ranch offers one of the best rides in Texas.  There are hidden hills and creeks along with jumps, turns, and manmade suspension bridges.  Ride as fast as you want, just watch out for the grazing longhorn cattle.  They rule the trail.

Keep Exploring

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