As with many hill country towns, it isn’t so much what’s in town, but all around town. This is especially true with Dripping Springs the “Gateway to the Hill Country." You might even say this town's dripping with adventure...


The (Actual) Dripping Springs

Before you head to check out the hills of this country, there are some things in the town worth checking out. First off, this town was actually named after a “dripping spring” and you can see those exact springs on the private property of the Homestead at the Dripping Springs B&B. Just knock on the door, and the owner is usually happy to show you around.

The Barber Shop

This place puts the “bar” in barber shop. And while you can’t get your hair cut here (well, I mean I guess you could but it might not be too pretty…), you can grab a fresh pint of craft brew from this bar serving house-made brews and Texas brews from all over the state.


Hamilton Pool

To experience the beauty of the Texas Hill Country, there are a few must-do activities just north of town. The first is Hamilton Pool, an amazing natural grotto that is also one of Texas’s most magnificent swimming holes. Make sure you arrive early, or else you might be waiting in the parking lot for hours to get in. This swimming hole is partially covered by a massive limestone grotto making it the perfect mix of sun, shade and tons of splashing!

Westcave Preserve

While Hamilton Pool is well-traveled, these preserves are as untouched and pristine as possible. Take a guided nature tour down to this stunning grotto and cave and be taken into a world far away from human hands.

Milton Reimers Ranch Park

If you want to jump into the hill country full-on, then there’s no better place than Milton Reimer’s Ranch, this private ranch turned public park is an outdoor playground with everything from fishing to mountain biking, and even some of the best rock climbing in Texas.


Rolling in Thyme & Dough

Start the day off right with breakfast at Rolling in Thyme & Dough, a delicious breakfast and lunch spot tucked away in an old house right off Highway 290. The egg/sausage/pesto croissant is phenomenal, the cinnamon rolls are BIGGER than your face and the sticky buns are devine.

The Salt Lick BBQ

To cap off an outstanding day, head south of Dripping Springs to the town of Driftwood, TX and take down a big, honkin’ plate of some of the best BBQ in Texas at The Salt Lick. The ‘que can come in Family Style portions for large groups — or just the exceptionally hungry Texan — to enjoy all they have to offer.

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