If you think Texas is flat, then you've definitely never been to this part of Texas. Out here in the West, mountains tower over the land like giants. For those up to the challenge, Old Baldy (one of the tallest peaks in Texas) beckons with a view like no other.


Hike Mount Livermore

The tallest peak in the Davis Mountains is Mount Livermore, or “Old Baldy.” Sitting over 8,000 ft. up in the clouds, it’s Texas’s 5th highest peak. It sits on land owned by The Nature Conservancy, but is open numerous days and weekends a year for hikers. The 5-mile hike up to the top is filled with all sorts of wildlife and the view at the top is breathtaking!


Indian Lodge

Indian Lodge, including the Black Bear Restaurant, is closed for renovations through January 2024.

Tucked in the back of Davis Mountains State Park is one of Texas’s most distinct hotels. The Indian Lodge was built into the side of the mountains by the CCC in the 1930s, and its adobe-style architecture surrounded by the natural beauty of Fort Davis is a marvel.

Valentine, TX

Show a little love to Valentine, TX (yep, it’s a real town in Texas…) Each year on February 14, the town hosts a big Valentine’s Day party on Feb. 14.



Scenic Loop Drive

If multi-hour hikes aren’t your thing, you can still get your fill of beautiful desert views from the air-conditioned convenience of your car. The hour-and-a-half drive on Texas 166 will take you through the Davis Mountains, and is full of exotic wildlife, like javelinas and aoudad. It’s no wonder this is considered the #1 drive in Texas.


Blue Mountain Bistro

Reward yourself after a long hike (or scenic drive) at the Blue Mountain Bistro, which sits out back of the historic 1912 Hotel Limpia. With gourmet dishes like pulled pork tacos and seared trout — this is frontier eating at it’s finest. Seriously — they serve up a mean chicken-fried tenderloin smothered in a pecan glaze.




Black Bear Restaurant

Indian Lodge, including the Black Bear Restaurant, is closed for renovations through January 2024.

Start out the day with a historic meal at this restaurant in the Indian Lodge named after the CCC’s baby black bear. It’s camp inspired food, and the breakfast platters are hearty enough to fuel even the most rugged of adventures.

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