By visiting this small town near the top of the Panhandle, you may feel like you've ventured all the way to Canada, but trust me, your experience will be 100% Texan.


The Cattle Exchange

This is the nicest restaurant in Canadian, but still casual enough for your jeans and boots.  It occupies the lobby of a historic hotel and serves up amazing country classics, steaks, and Mexican food.  They mesquite grill never stops blazing and if you want something truly special, go for the “Steak Relleno” with a flattened ribeye rolled around peppers and cheese then topped with queso.


Stumblin' Goat Saloon

If you want to sip a cold beer with the locals, then this is your spot.  You’ll be surprised at the number of acts that have graced their small music stage including bands like Flatland Cavalry and Shane Smith and the Saints.  Each band or artist leaves a branded board with their name on it.  They have BBQ, pizza, and burgers.  My suggestion is to order whatever sounds most delicious but you can’t go wrong with the goat-cheese sliders.  Say “howdy” to BO for me.  He’s a stuffed goat that now acts as the town’s most precarious bottle opener.

Brown Bag Roasters

Who doesn’t love a great cup of coffee.  Every day trip to Canadian should start with a cup of Brown Bag’s locally roasted brew.  They have all the typical coffee-shop concoctions, but true coffee purists will appreciate their expertly-fired beans from all over the world.


Canadian River Historic Wagon Bridge

This old wagon bridge spans for almost half a mile across the Canadian River and has now been turned into an amazing pedestrian bridge for walkers, joggers, and outdoor enthusiasts of every kind.  Take a stroll through history.

Rotor Recoil at The Mendota Ranch

This is one of the coolest (if not THE coolest) thing you can do in Texas.  Owner Jason Abraham is an expert helicopter pilot who trains the highest levels of the government in marksmanship from a moving chopper.  And how to pilot them when someone is firing in the back.  There’s no rush quite like hanging out of a moving helicopter hitting targets strewn across his enormous ranch.


The Citadelle Art Museum

This is the only Baptist Church turned private home turned public museum in Texas.  Or anywhere that I know of in the world.  Tour the old church that’s now full of Malouf and Therese Abraham’s private art collection.  It includes unique pieces that captivated their attention and is sure to captivate yours.  There is even an authentic Norman Rockwell you’re sure to recognize.

Gene Cockrell's Yard Art

On your way into town, you’re sure to notice the green dinosaur named “AUD” atop a scenic mesa.  Artist Gene Cockrell built this roadside attraction so the local kids would know they’re almost home when returning from away games.  His yard is full of similar oddities including an alien ship, Barney, and Jesus with a lion and a lamb.

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