This town between Houston and Austin may seem small and unexceptional, but it holds some of our oldest stories. This is the land where Texas began! And more than just that, it's a place filled with passionate folks who have BIG talents.


Stephen F. Austin Bust

While you’re in town, be sure you stop by this giant bust statue to say “Howdy” to the Father of Texas!


San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site

To learn the story of how Texas began, you’ll have to go a little ways outside of town to San Felipe, where Austin established his “Old 300” colony. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of this very important town, it’s because the settlers were forced to abandon the town, burning it to the ground to escape Santa Ana’s pursuits. This museum does an incredible job of telling this story.

Newman's Castle

The same man who owns Newman’s Bakery has created this dream kingdom where you can feel like royalty for an afternoon. He opens up his towering home for tours, and it’s a great place to bring out your inner kid. Ring the tower bells, have a sword fight or fling cannon balls from a giant trebuchet (aka catapult) into the lake!


Phenix Knives

This blacksmith shop is an incredible testament to owner Cowboy’s passion for crafting knives — and playing with fire! Each knife lining the shelves of his shop has been hand-crafted over a flame and the detailed designs were carved in by hand.


Bellville Meat Market

However you slice it, this family-owned market serves up some GOOD meat and it’s a carnivore’s paradise. In addition to 28 varieties of hand-stuffed, house-made sausages, they also have a huge selection of jerkies, briskets, bacon and more. Stop in at the cafe for a baked potato piled high with handmade pecan-smoked Chipotle Sausage, and after lunch, head to the meat counter to purchase even more meat.


Newman's Bakery

Since you’re in the land where Texas began, it’s only fitting that you have Texas’s favorite treat as a snack. Aside from ruling an epic kingdom, Newman also bakes a mean kolache.


The Hill

The Hills is the most old-fashioned joint in town, and since 1952, it’s been the place to park your ride and grab a classic burger and shake. Not much has changed since the sock-hop days, and in this black-and-white diner that’s a great thing! Don’t skip out on the onion rings — they’re enormous!


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