Crew Blog: La Grange, TX

By chet | January 25, 2013

by Andrew Ramsammy, Executive Producer

Over the course of filming a show like Daytripper, there comes the occasion where the crew has to overnight in a city or town. One recent occasion was during the filming of our La Grange episode. Instead of waking up at way-o’dark thirty the crew and I headed to La Grange the night before our shoot to get an early start on the following day.

Our accommodations for the evening, which can only be described as heavenly, was Las Brisas Farms in Fayetteville. Fayetteville is just up the road from La Grange and is approximately 1 hour from Houston, Bryan/College Station, Katy, and Austin, and 2 hours from San Antonio.

As we pulled up to Las Brisas the sun was just about to set. The owner Kathy, who warmly greeted us, gave us a tour of the farm. Let me just say that it’s one if the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in Texas. The lush green farm sits on 40 acres of beautiful vistas, gardens and courtyards. The location serves a variety of purposes including hosting weddings, retreats and lodging.

Kathy took us over to her garden filled with pomegranate trees and plum trees. It just so happen that there were some plums on the plum tree, which we ate, and let me tell you they were Texas sweet!

Something that we also learned about Las Brisas and its owners is their commitment to community. Kathy and her husband Eldon are supporters of The Texas Veteran Project. The Texas Veteran Project is comprised of B&B’s, guest cottages, inns, and hotels from Fayetteville and other communities within Central Texas who donate stays at their establishments to for those heading off to war, and as quiet refuge for those who have just returned from the battlefronts. Service men and women are invited along with their spouses to stay at some of the best accommodations that Central Texas has to offer via the project. It’s people like Kathy, Eldon and the Texas Veteran Project who are making a true difference in our state by supporting our troops with a quiet place to rest and relax. God bless them!

As the sun was setting and the Texas sky was turning a deep orange I just couldn’t believe how quiet it was. The only thing breaking the silence was our laughs. Good times were had that evening as we sat out on the porch gazing up at the stars. The following morning was like waking up from a dream. Las Brisas is just the kind of place to escape to when you need a break from life. I highly recommend it.



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