San Saba, TX

Before you journey to this quaint northern Hill Country town, you’ve gotta understand that this town is NUTS — well, they’re nuts about pecans, anyways. San Saba is the Pecan Capital of the World (a well deserved title since they’ve got 8 pecan orchards), but it’s also full of amazing cuisine, beautiful nature and some of the friendliest folks around!


Head outside of town to drive over the Regency Bridge, for a historic and harrowing ride. Built in 1939, this bridge is the last drive-able wooden suspension bridge in Texas. It’s seen everything from wagons to cattle drives and now cars…and as the wooden bridge moves under the weight of your car, you’ll feel a thrill like no other.

Once you get to town, it’s time to go NUTS, and while there are 8 different pecan orchards, I suggest you start at Millican Pecan Company, owners of the Mother Pecan Tree where E.E. Risien first created the famous Texas pecan. While the tree, itself, is on private land, you can get a plethora of nutty products like pecans by the pound, pecan logs and milk chocolate Carmallicans (aka heaven in chocolate-covered caramel pecan form).

On Main Street, you’ll find that the heart of this small town is bustling with shops and eateries. Try dozens of flavored olive oils at San Saba Oil Company. Purchase custom boots at Harry’s Boots, whose five-store-wide selection of handmade boots, jeans and hats has been attracting customers since 1939. Or slow down with a glass of some of Texas’s finest wine at the Wedding Oak Winery, which is named after the famous Wedding Oak Tree just 5 minutes outside of town, a 400-year old tree known for settler weddings and Indian meetings.

Legend has it that San Saba had a football team with a deadly secret, and you can get to the bottom of this at Rogan Field. Before it was a high school football field, it was a graveyard — but when the field was built, only the tomb stones were removed, and the bodies remained below the field. Rumor has it that when strange things happened to opposing teams, it was the spirits of the dead beneath giving the San Saba Armadillos a helping hand. True or not — you’ll have to see for yourself.


Here in Texas, there’s nothing we love more than Tex-Mex and barbecue — and Young’s Burritos and BBQ is mixing these in the most delicious of ways. Order a burrito filled with moist brisket, crisp pico and spicy verde sauce at this family-owned joint for possibly the most Texan meal on the planet!

But if you’re tired of the usual Texan fare, La Citta Pizzeria’s got you covered. This English-owned joint serves up cheesy authentic Italian pizza pies. I suggest the outrageously tasty Cowboy Pizza, which is a pepperoni pizza piled with chili cheese tots. It’s so insane, it works!


To walk off all those pecans, hit the 2 miles of paved trails at the San Saba Nature Park. Not only is this park speckled with towering pecan trees, but you’ll also discover a serene spring-fed creek and the intricate ruins of the town’s first watermill.