Round Rock, TX

It isn’t called the “Sports Capital of Texas” for nothing.  Especially if you can make a sport out of eating, learning about history, or beekeeping. To download this episode or purchase it on DVD – CLICK HERE.


Let’s start with eating, and every day spent in Round Rock should start at Round Rock Donuts.  I’m not sure what yellowy-orangey-addictive material they put in these, but MAN is it good.  If you’re hungry – go for a “Texas Donut” the size of a spare tire.  And if your diet asks how many donuts you ate for breakfast, you can confidently say – ONE!

Another amazing spot is The Blind Squirrel Sandwiches.  When CIA-trained chef Jack Raia got out of the high-stress kitchen jobs of the big city, he decided to seek solace in the safety of the sandwich.  However, these sandwiches are by no means safe by common standards.  Each has its own delectable spin.  Try a “Paris, Texas” combining Texas and France in a confit of beef brisket.  Or a “Quacker” with tea-marinated duck on a fried flatbread.


To do something way out of the ordinary, head to Round Rock Honey and sign up for a beekeeping class.  You’ll learn all about these buzzing buddies and even get a chance to harvest honey straight from the hive.  If you aren’t up for a class, at least go for a honey tasting.  It’s amazing how many different flavors can happen when bees collect pollen from different plants.

For some history, head downtown to Main Street.  This collection of historic buildings haven’t changed much in 100 years.  And that’s a good thing.  You can even retrace the final shootout of infamous outlaw Sam Bass.  If you’re looking for a scare, then there’s another road to visit – Hairy Man Road – which some say is haunted by the ghost of an old hermit who still doesn’t like people traveling through his claim.

Finally, for a truly American form of entertainment, head to The Dell Diamond to take in a Round Rock Express game.  This is the best minor league baseball experience in America.  There is a big hill for blankets, fireworks on Friday nights, and so much to do that you might actually forget you’re at a baseball game.  Don’t miss the Nolan Ryan Beef hot dogs.  I recommend a “Big Kahuna” complete with mango salsa.


To get sporty, all the locals head to Old Settlers Park.  This giant park is full of fields for everything from baseball, to football, to cricket, to kite flying.  There are bike paths and disc golf courses.  Another great spot is Brushy Creek Park, where you can see the literal ROUND ROCK after which the town got its name, and see the deep groves in the limestone from when wagons and stagecoaches used to forge the river.