chet with lemurs in natural bridge

Natural Bridge, TX

While Natural Bridge isn’t a town, it is a great place to spend the day.  The two main attractions are Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch to feed the exotic species of this African safari in the middle of Texas.  This is your chance to feed a buffalo or a ostrich from the comfort of your car.  Make your next stop Natural Bridge Caverns to descend underground into the depths of Texas and see largest show cave in Texas.  Seriously, this is impressive.

For food, I recommend the burgers at the Wildlife Ranch cafe, but if you want to step away, dive into a Bracken Burger at the Bracken Store Cafe.

If you are ready to wash off, head north and dive into Canyon Lake.  Overlook Park offers the best swimming, but Comal Park is the place to take kids since it has a smooth pebble beach.  For food, head to Frank’s Bait and Tacos.  You’ll love it, just don’t order the bait taco.