Llano, TX

Llano is the little hill country town that rocks…literally.  Check it out!

This charming little Texas town sits on the Llano River.  It’s the the county seat of Llano County.  And sits atop the Llano Uplift.  See a theme here?

The Llano Uplift is a peculiar rock formation created when granite pushed its way to the surface exposing rocks all around Llano.  The most impressive example is Enchanted Rock in South Llano County.  The uplift also kicked up tons of rare earth minerals that are scattered all over the county.  There is even a type of granite called “Llanite” that can only be found in Llano County.  To learn more about Llano’s rock culture and be pointed in the right direction for your own rock hunt, check out Enchanted Rocks and Jewelry on Llano’s square.

For the historic side of Llano, drive across Roy Inks Bridge and take a tour of the old Red Top Jail, built in 1895 with its original hanging gallows still inside.  Also check out the Dabs Hotel (a stop for Bonnie & Clyde), the Llano Courthouse, the Historic Railyard District, and the LanTex Theater, a classic theater still showing current movies.  For something creepy, you can always “head” to Baby Head Cemetery up Highway 16 from Llano.

All this touring will surely stir up an appetite.  For what many consider the best BB-Q in Texas, head to Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que and choose your meat straight from the outdoor pit.  Don’t miss the house pecan cobbler.  Another great BBQ spot is Inman’s Kitchen serving its famous and one-of-a-kind turkey sausage.  For lighter fare and a cup of joe, head to Fuel Coffee House, a nonprofit coffeehouse that also serves up free burgers on Sunday evenings.

If you are around town in the winter, you might also get a chance to see wild Bald Eagles that migrate to Llano in the winter to build nests and have babies.  For the past couple years, the nest has been just off Highway 29 between Burnet and Llano.  Look for the TXDOT pull-off.

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