Bryan-College Station, TX

If you aren’t an Aggie, you might consider a day trip to Aggieland worse than community service.  But believe it or not, there is more in College Station than just lots and lots of Aggies.  But if you are headed to Aggieland, you might as well make a stop by the campus of Texas A&M University to see Aggie traditions such as the Century Tree, the statue of Sullivan Ross, and Kyle Field.  On the north side of Kyle field, you’ll see the tombs of past Reveillies complete with private score board so that mascots past won’t miss a single touchdown.  While on campus, visit the George Bush Presidential Library.  George Bush 41 wasn’t an Aggie, but loved the Aggie tradition so much that he put his Presidential Library on campus.

And one thing every college town has is great grub.  College kids need to eat, and BCS provides.  Near campus, you might want to grab a burger and beer at the Dixie Chicken, the kind of establishment Aggie legends are made of, complete with full bar, dominos, and rattlesnake cage.  Or check out Laynes Chicken Fingers, a place so passionate about its golden fried chicken fingers that all it serves are chicken finger baskets and chicken finger sandwiches.  I also highly recommend grabbing a Snuffy burger at the Chicken Oil Company in Bryan (order it “Death” style if you want to dance with danger), and Mr. G’s Pizzeria in downtown Bryan serves up a mean calzone.

Lovers of class and other fine things might want to head to the renovated Downtown Bryan for some shopping and food, or to the Messina Hof Winery, one of the most-decorated in the state.

And finally, for outdoor lovers, Lake Bryan is a great place to go swimming, or to mountain bike along its 20 miles and miles of well-kept trails.