Stay Tuned for the Rest of Season 5


Daytrippers…get ready. The rest of Season 5 is coming in May. But until then, here are a few promos to wet your appetite. Enjoy and we will see you out on the road!

Season 5, The Rest is Yet to Come


Ya’ll have been asking about new episodes and we have an answer. Stay tuned for the second half of Season 5 starting in May on your local PBS station. We have 5 new episodes packed with travel, culture and food and all about Texas!

In the meantime, take a moment to let your local PBS station know how much you love the Daytripper. We appreciate your support and love of the show. Trust me, we have a lot of fun creating these shows for you!

See ya’ll out on the road…Vaya Con Dios!

Return to Bastrop


Well Daytrippers, the time has finally come for Season 3 to come to a close with a very special episode we call RETURN TO BASTROP.  It is the tale of how Bastrop endured the fires, and how it may be the best time yet to visit this beautiful community.  Make sure you TUNE IN at the following times.

Austin (KLRU) premiere – Thursday (6/21) 8:30pm, re-air Saturday (6/23) 10:00am

Dallas (KERA ) premiere – Saturday (6/23) 10:30am

Killeen/Temple/Waco (KNCT) – Thursday (6/21) 7:30pm

San Antonio (KLRN) premiere – Sunday (6/24) 1:30pm

Second Half of Season Two…Coming Up!

Get ready for the second half of Season Two premiering this Summer on your Texas PBS station.  More information and promo after the jump…

To find out when The Daytripper airs on your local PBS station, check HERE.  And to make sure you don’t miss the new episodes get on our email list HERE.

Bombs over Burnet


I recently got to attend the CAF’s annual Bluebonnet Airshow in Burnet, TX.  As a total plane nerd in my younger days…this was really awesome.  It was my first Airshow and it won’t be my last.  First, the planes themselves were really cool to see.  Second, the things the pilots made the planes do was absolutely incredible.  Like watching a professional play the guitar or piano – these guys had complete mastery over their planes.

For more photos, check out our Facebook page HERE.  To see my previous trip to the visit the CAF’s Highland Lakes Air Museum, check our Burnet episode.  Also, here’s a video made by the CAF about this year’s event.

The Waterfalls of Texas


A couple weeks back I took a trip to Lake Buchanan, one of Texas’s beautiful Highland Lakes.  Here are some of the photos we snagged.  ALSO – I’ve recently received the privilege of blogging for JanSport.  You can read more about my trip to Lake Buchanan on their BE OUTDOORS BLOG.  Enjoy the pics.

Also – special thanks to Buchanan Adventure Tours for hooking us up with the kayak.Chet kayakingChet kayakingChet kayaking under waterfallChet kayaking under waterfall

Caddo Swamp…er…Caddo Lake


While the rest of the world heads to Austin for SXSW, I decided to leave and head north to experience part of Texas that I’d never seen before – Caddo Lake – the ONLY natural lake in Texas. You see, every other lake in the Lone Star State has been formed through the damming of a river which caused the water to back up and form a reservoir. As soon as I learn Caddo was our only real lake, I had to see it for myself. So I headed to North East Texas. FAR – North East Texas

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I started my visit with a trip to Caddo Lake State Park which I learned doesn’t actually sit on the lake but upstream a bit on Big Cypress Bayou flowing down into the lake. I was a little disappointed when I heard this because I didn’t drive all the way up to here not to see the lake. I wanted big sweeping, awe-inspiring views. You know, the ones you get on … well … every single other lake in Texas. I asked the park ranger for the best place to see the actual lake. She cocked her head to the side and looked at me kinda funny. Funny in a “you ain’t never been out here before” kind of way. I was pegged. Turns out that Caddo Lake (at least on the Texas side) should more appropriately be named Caddo Swamp. Here are pictures from the state park.Caddo Lake State ParkCaddo Lake State ParkCaddo Lake State Park

On the map it may be blue, but it’s no open water. And while Caddo Lake was nothing like I was expecting, it was awe-inspiring nonetheless and beautiful in its own right. In order to make it navigable by boat, Texas has had to cut boat lanes out of the thick swamp growth.Caddo Lake boat lanes

After visiting the state park, I headed just down the road to the small town of Uncertain, TX where I was able to get a little bit more perspective on the lake. From the shore I could tell that Caddo Lake is one eerie and unsettling network of trees, bayous, and gators. Not the kind of place you want to be without a map. I stopped off to talk to some locals who confirmed my belief. “Maps are good” they said, “but the only way to really learn the lake is to be lost and drunk while frog-giggin’ in the middle of the night.” As I looked out in the black swamp thicket, I couldn’t imagine anything more terrifying in my life.Caddo Lake

I didn’t have much time to explore Uncertain so I said goodbye and headed back down the road. Before I left I picked up a couple brochures at Uncertain’s modern and cutting-edge Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. I’m definitely planning on heading back to Caddo Lake someday. Next time I’ll bring a boat but I think I’ll leave the frog gig at home.Caddo Lake Uncertain, TX