Season 6 – Kingsville


If the worth of a Tex-ified kingdom were valued in cattle, oil, and land, then the King Ranch is the most powerful kingdom our state has ever seen.  Dating back to the 1800′s, this ranch is almost as legendary as the Lone Star State itself.  Exploring the ranch and the nearby town of Kingsville makes for a really fun adventure!

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Season 6 – Baytown


While most simply fly past Baytown on I-10, those that know better stop and explore this incredible town where oil and water really do seem to mix quite well. From history to art to outdoor adventures and great food, Baytown is packed with fun for the whole family. Tune in to see what all they have in store and plan your next adventure!

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You can also catch the show online. Check out our Baytown episode page for the link.

Season 6 – Athens, TX


Who needs to travel to Greece when you’ve got a Texas version right here.  While Athens, TX may not have 7,000 years of history and the Acropolis, there is way more to do in this East Texas town than you might think. You’ll learn how an Athens native named “Old Dave” and/or “Uncle Fletcher” invented a little thing we call the hamburger. Don’t miss the SCUBA show in town where an underwater diver feeds and talks about our native fish and If you’re looking to get into the water, then just a few blocks from the square is the Athens SCUBA park. If a high-flying, thrilling adventure is what you are after, then head to nearby New York, Texas for a zip line adventure with NY TX Zipline Adventures.  You’ll be amazed at this hidden mountain range in East Texas and feel free as a bird flying through the pines. There’s so much to do in Athens you won’t want to miss this episode!

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You can also catch the show online. Check out our Athens episode page for the link.

Subaru and AT&T Partner on Enhanced Technology


We love technology and new gadgets here at the Daytripper and we were excited to see this announcement come out of CES. As you know, we love our Subaru and we use AT&T for our mobile carrier. New features focus on additional security and safety as well as enhanced connectivity through STARLINK. All sounds like the right move for travel safety and in support of the new hands-free driving rule. All good things when traveling Texas!

“AT&T* and Subaru of America, Inc. today announced an agreement   in which Subaru will provide enhancements to its Subaru STARLINK in-vehicle connectivity system that deliver improved personal safety and security services to vehicle occupants via 4G LTE wireless connectivity.” (source: AT&T Newsroom)

The full article can be read on the AT&T Newsroom site.

Have a great weekend Daytrippers and be sure to hit the road over the weekend and explore another spot in this great state! VIYA CON DIOS!!

Trippin’ with Best Western


We’re gonna take a moment here to REALLY thank one of our awesome new sponsors.  If you’ve been watching Season 6, you know that Best Western Hotels of Texas recently teamed up with us and it couldn’t be a better fit.  As you know, we LOVE traveling to small towns, and there’s a Best Western in almost every one.  In fact, there are 231 Best Westerns across the Lone Star State.  That’s a BUNCH!

For Seasons 1-5, we stayed at a number of Best Western Hotels, but now we get to stay at one on every shoot.  The free wi-fi is always awesome, and our new ritual is to have our breakfast meeting over their free breakfast buffet.  Because what’s a good night’s sleep if you don’t have a good breakfast to go along with it?

So, as you plan your trips, vacations, spring breaks or other roaming across Texas, be sure to include Best Western in those plans.  We truly appreciate our sponsors, and literally wouldn’t have a show without them.  Thank you Best Western.

Here’s the spot we made for them.

Here’s us at our breakfast meeting in Schulenburg.


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Episode 005 – Season 6, Tales from the Road


Hit the road with the Daytripper Podcast Episode 5 as we share “Tales from the Road” for the first part of Season 6. The crew shares some behind the scenes stories about the challenges and craziness but all around fun times of shooting the Daytripper show. You won’t want to miss this episode!

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This endeavor is generously supported by The Highland Lakes of Burnet County.

Season 6 – Grapevine


In case you missed it, we celebrated Christmas in October!! Say what?!? Actually, we went to Grapevine on the Daytripper. Known as the Christmas Capital of Texas, we catch the spirt of the season. All along main street, in a local winery, and in the ice sculptures and snow hills of a local resort. We eat some Chili to stay warm, and then catch a train bound for the North Pole.  Let’s his the road and get in the Christmas spirit early.

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Season 6 – Port Lavaca


In case you missed it, we went to “Port Lavaca” on the Daytripper.  Along the water’s edge of Matagorda Bay, we explore the food and history of this coastal town.  From La Salle’s landing spot, to old Indianola, to a cast-iron lighthouse in a wildlife refuge.  Will we catch enough to eat along the way?  You’ll have to wait and see.  Let’s hit the road.

Be sure to tune into you local PBS station to watch. Here are some upcoming dates/times for this week:

Weekend Times
KCOS (El Paso) - Saturday 9:00am

KLRU (Austin) - Saturday 10:00am
KTTZ (Lubbock) - Saturday 10:30am

Coming Soon
KEDT (Corpus Christi) - Thursday, 7:30pm

Houston Public Media - Saturday, 3:30pm

You can also catch the show online. Check out our Port Lavaca episode page for the link.

Season 6 – Lubbock


In case you missed it, we headed to Lubbock! This may be Texas Tech red raider land, but it welcomes one and all.  We explore the traditions of the University and eat at its best hangouts  We explore Lubbock’s history, from 12,000 B.C. up to rock and roll legend Buddy Holly.  Followed by a dip and a drive in.  Let’s hit the road.

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You can also catch the show online. Check out our Lubbock episode page for the link.