South Padre Island Episode Music

Pier 19 – Matt the Electrician “All I Know”  WEBSITE  ITUNES

Snorkeling Trip – Li’l Cap’n Travis “Twilight on Sometimes Island (SoulQuest 17)  WEBSITE  ITUNES

Sea Turtle Rescue Center – Leatherbag “On Down the Line” WEBSITE  ITUNES

Sea Turtle Rescue Center – Wiretree “Travelin’ On” WEBSITE  ITUNES

Clayton’s Beach Bar – Gary P. Nunn “Adios Amigo”  WEBSITE  ITUNES

Gravity Adventure Park – David Garza “Dead French Dudes”  WEBSITE  ITUNES

Spicewood Episode Music

Cuvee Coffee – The Preservation “Happiness” (Austin, TX) WEBSITE  BANDCAMP

Cypress Valley Canopy Tour – Canopy “The Listener” (Austin, TX) MYSPACE  EMAIL FOR FREE EP

Opie’s BBQ – The Weary Boys “Jumpin’ Jolie” and “Lost Bayou Ramble” (Austin, TX) MYSPACE  ITUNES

Muleshoe Bend Mountain Biking – Centro-Matic “Iso-Residue” (Denton, TX) WEBSITE  ITUNES

Wrap-Up – Lee Simmons “Doniphan Nights” (Austin, TX) MYSPACE


Smithville Episode Music

Road Bike Sequence: Brazos “Tell” (Austin, TX) WEBSITE  ITUNES

Zimmerhanzel’s BBQ: Dale Watson “Down Down Down Down Down” (Austin, TX) MYSPACE  ITUNES

Zimmerhanzel’s BBQ: One Black Lung “Racin’ the Rain” (Austin, TX) WEBSITE

Smithville Town: Whiskey Shivers “Old Home Place” (Austin, TX) WEBSITE  ITUNES

Murphy’s Steakhouse: James Hand “Baby, Baby, Don’t Tell Me That” WEBSITE  ITUNES

Winchester Depot: Hot Club of Cowtown “What’s the Matter with the Mill” (Austin, TX) WEBSITE  ITUNES

Wrap-Up: Craig Marshall “One Face in the Crowd” (Austin, TX) WEBSITE