19 19 – “Texas Travel Bucket List” / January 2016

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Happy New Year! In the midst of all the well intended resolutions that will be long forgotten as January fades into February, we have listed our recommendations for travel destinations in Texas that will be here all year long. These destinations don’t require you to give up anything, cut back or make big changes…well except to get the in the car and head out for an adventure.

So join us this year and get on the road and discover our great state! When you do hit the road, send us some photos or even better, send us a short video of your trip so we can share some of our favorites online. If we missed a few great destinations, feel free to leave those in the comments as well. Looking forward to seeing where you go!

In our Texas Music minute, Bree from KJ 97 in San Antonio, features Granger Smith.

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